WWE Raw July 29th 2013

Even though this weeks RAW was taped a week ago that will not stop us from reviewing it.

Vince came out with Maddox. Vince said Maddox was onto something when he called Bryan a troll last week. Bryan came out and Vince sad Bryan was showing a lack of respect to Vince for coming out Bryan said Vince needed to respect Bryan. Vince tried to turn Cena against Bryan by saying Cena chose Bryan not because he respected him but because he knows Cena could crush him in a match. Vince said everyone knew Bryan couldn’t beat Cena and that Bryan lacks “Ruthless Aggression”. Vince said that if Bryan won the title at Summerslam it would be the biggest Championship Embrassment in WWE history says the man who has put the belt on himself. Vince said he hopes Cena andd Bryan spontaneously combust in the ring at Summerslam just like them Mega Powers right Vince. Bryan finished off by telling Vince to listen to the WWE Universe who want a new WWE Champion. Well clearly he hasn’t listened cos fans haven’t liked Cena since 2005. 

The Shield vs Mark Henry and The Usos: The Shield won after the healock DDT by Ambrose on Jimmy Uso. After the match Mark Henry ran off the Shield.

The Ryback was eating backstage then harrassed a backstage worker into getting him food. Why was this on the show.

Kane made his return after the Wyatt Family beat down 2 weeks ago. Kane was with Maddox asking Maddox were the Wyatts were and Brad didn’t know. Brad told Kane to send a message to the Wyatts by having a Killer Instinct against Bryan.

RVD vs FANDANGO: They still wont let RVD pin FANDANGO as he walked out again.

AJ was bitching about being speared by Kaitlyn. AJ yelled at Langston for just standing around and then she skipped away.

Kaitlyn vs AJ: Kaitlyn won with the spear. AJ screamed after the match.

Dolph vs Big E: Right as the last match ended Dolph came out to face Big E. AJ got involved clawing Ziggler when Big E was outside the ring so Ziggler gets the win by DQ.

Cena was on the phone when Bryan walked in. Bryan asked Cena if what Vince said was true. Cena said Vince was only trying to mess with Bryan.

Del Rio Vs Christian: Christian pinned Del Rio.

Cody Rhodes vs Wade Barrett: Cody pinned Wade after hitting the CrossRhodes. Im glad they are doing something with Cody now and ive lost all hope in anything meaningful with Barrett.

Kane vs Bryan: The big Team Hell No blowoff which means nothing seeing they are teaming together in Australia. Bryan hit his roll up pin for the win. Kane chokeslamed Bryan after the match and the Wyatts came out to beat up Kane again.

They showed a pre-tape of The Bellas calling Nattie the Ugly Duckling of Total Divas. She is clearly postioned to be the Khloe Kardashian of this show. The Kardashian remark is not a shot at Nattie by the way or at Khloe Kardashian its just very comparable.

Brie Bella vs Nattie: Brie beat Nattie. Poor Nattie shes gone from the faring gimmick to now being called an ugly duck.

Heyman told Axel to go show why hes the Greatest IC Champion In History HA

Axel vs R-Truth: Punk ran in and attacked Axel. Punk chased after Heyman. Axel got to Punk before he got to Heyman. Heyman ran away as Punk dealt to Axel.

Now Kids its Time For Americas Favorite Family Segement: HHH was yelling at Vince for messing around with Bryan. Vince wants someone who can beat Cena um who might that be besides Punk or Orton. Vince said he wants a Triple H 20-30 years younger. If Vince got a HHH 30 years younger he would be 14!!!. Steph showed up and tried to push a corporate Makeover on Bryan and HHH said it was worth a shot.

Ryback vs Cena Tables Match II: Like the last one Cena hit the AA through the table. Bryan came out and took the WWE title and faked handing it to Cena. Cena told him he would have to earn the Belt.




RAW Is Still McMahon Family Pt 2 June 10th 2013

So once again RAW was mainly built around the McMahon family. Its like they want to go back to 2000 when they were all over TV doing 30 minute segments.

HHH vs Axel II: So Raw did start off with Axel vs HHH. So after they had a little match Vince came out and did a Montreal and forced the timekeeper to ring the bell. Justin Roberts announced HHH lost by DQ. Vince left so Hunter restarted the match again which once again bought out Vince. This time they announced Axel the winner due to forefit. HHH tried to restart this as a 60 Minute Iron Man match and my god that would of been something to see. Vince stopped it and took the micropohone and ring bell to the back. So Curtis Axel now has 3 wins over HHH and none by pinfall way to go.

More McMahon Bullshit: HHH was yelling at Steph about Vinces actions. Steph cried yes she cried to Hunter about the grandfather that is Vince McMahon. She then told him to not hurt Vince.

Kane vs Ambrose: I take it Team Hell No is dead so CELEBRATION. Anyway Shield got involved after Kane hit the chokeslam. Orton and Bryan came out to help.

They announced Sheamus vs Sandow for the Pre-Show on Yahoo, The App and WWE.com


Backstage Kane was a voice of reason between Orton and Bryan. Bryan made fun of Orton while Orton called him weak. Vickie came in and announced Orton and Bryan vs The Shield for the tag titles at the PPV. Kane was pissed so Vickie offered him a US title match on the PPV so he hugged Vickie.

Miz vs Cody: Even though they wreslted on the Pre-Show for the last PPV here we are and once again Miz won with the figure four. After the match Heyman came out and announced Curtis Axel will be in the IC title match at the PPV making it a triple threat.

Mark Henry is back next monday

More Crap with Stephanie and Vince

Jericho came out to trash talk Punk. Ziggler who is back came out with his lame posse. Ziggler put Big E in a match with Jericho. So the never ending Del Rio/Langston series is over I take it.

Langston vs Jericho: Jericho pinned Langston after the Codbreaker. Ziggler tried to intefeare but Del Rio ran out and attcked him.

The Miracle of The Night: CESARO won a match againt Sin Cara so not a big deal but he won.

Replay of last weeks Wyatt Family Promo. These guys need to get on TV fast.

Backstage Maddox impressed Vince with an idea for the Cena/Ryback segment later tonight. We then got a plug for Carls Jr with Vickie eating a burger.

Orton vs Reigns:  No contest after Rollins intefeared.

Bryan vs Rollins; Once again ROH on RAW. Danielson and Black had a great match with Danielson winning with the small package.

Kaitlyn was making her way to the ring to reveal who her admirer was.

BIG E IS THE ADMIRER: So Langston was dressed up and had Flowers. Kaitlyn looked confused. Langston said he cared about more than just beating people up. Langston went to Kiss Kaitlyn and he dipped her but he dropped her. This whole thing was a joke by Langston and AJ. AJ said this was because she was used by men last year after Kaitlyn ditched her or something.

They aired a new Wyatt Family Promo

Sandow vs Truth: Im still shocked R-Truth has a job at this point. Sandow won just so he can look strong going into his loss against Shemaus.

Stephanie was looking for Vince. She got some random to get him. She then got another Random to get Triple H.

McMahon Family Continued: Well the McMahon saga continued. Vince said Hunter was too good and too strong to face Axel so thats great. Vince then said HHH should be bigger than a legend and bigger than a match with Axel. After all that he then offered Hunter his match. Hunter said Vince was right and turned the match down. Vince now wanted to see the match. They argued about it. Steph made them have a group hug this led to a YES chant.

The Cena/Ryback Faceoff: Ryback was on the stage and Cena in the ring. The ring was surrounded by the jobbers. Ryback is going to take Cenas spot but Cena said Payback is a bitch you see what he did there. He tried to get to the Ryback but them jobbers kept pushing him back into the ring. Ryback then ran into the Ring so what was the point of them pushing Cena into the ring. They brawled as the jobbers tried to break them up.


WWE RAW May 20th 2013: A New Heyman Guy

THE RYBACK came and talked about the match from the PPV. He said Cena REFUSED to leave in an Ambulance, wow what a trooper he is. Ryback proposed an Ambulance Match at WWE Payback cos yeah we need to suffer through yet another awful Cena Ambulance Match. (See Cena vs Kane Elimination Chamber 2012)

The Reunion of ChrisMiz: The Greatest 3 Week Tag Team of all time got back together to take on their foes. Barrett has a new theme and hes going through them like a dog goes through a bone at this point. Barrett lost cos you know its a shock at this point right. FANDANGO said his name during this and just walked out cos I guess hes to good for this and Jericho pinned Barrett. I remember when the IC champion won matches and rarely lost on RAW.

After the match Miz and Jericho cornered FANDANGO who was dancing in the corner so he ran off. Jericho took the female dancers hand and dipped her for some reason. Jericho then gave her the hand and left.

Vickie came out and announced Swagger vs TBD for later. But this was one of them lame votes for the app. This week its Truth, Khali and Orton. Boy I wonder who will win this battle.

Bryan was backstage and still pissed he lost the tag titles and Kane was trying to console him. They argued and Kofi the ever happening man break it up.

Sheamus vs Titus O’Neil: This was made because Titus was critical of Sheamus on the PPV on Sunday. Titus O’Neil got the advantage after Darren Young got involved but even after that Sheamus still won after hitting white noise.

The New Paul Heyman Guy: Heyman came out and bragged about Brocks victory on the PPV. He then debuted Curt Axel who is his new client. Curt Axel is the former Michael McGuillicutty or Joe Hennig son of Curt Hennig. Axel came out to a modified version of the Mr Perfect music nice wink wink to people. Heyman put over the pedigree and origin of the Curt Axel name. He wondered why this man had no been a main eventer and I can answer this. HE WAS NEVER PUT ON RAW. HHH came out and spoke but Axel cut him off before Hunter told him to shhh. Hunter said Brock didn’t walk away last night but he limped away. Hunter threatned Heyman but Curt got in the way and it was basically to book the main event match. THE FIRST HHH RAW MATCH SINCE 2010.

Langston vs Del Rio: Langston actually won and I was not expecting that.

AJ vs Layla: No one curt as AJ won. Layla has not been over since she came back last year.

CODY WINS: Cody Rhodes won a match even though it was against Ryder he still WON A MATCH. After the match The Ryback came out and killed Ryder with the shellshcok again. So if Ryback wins the belt does that mean hes gonna feud with Ryder.

Shield vs Kofi and Hell No: So basically a giant rematch from the PPV. They give this nearly 30 minutes which is insane on RAW. This was a great match all these guys are really solid workers even Reigns is becoming pretty good. Once again Danielson and the Shield were awesome. Hell he wrestled most of the Shield in ROH. Bryan was mocked during the match for being the weak link in the team.

The Doctor told Hunter he shouldn’t wrestle. Hunter didn’t care what the doctor thought cos hes HHH and hes that damn good.

So we got the continuation of who is stalking Kaitlyin. Cody walked past so Kaitylin stole his phone to check his messages. he hadn’t messaged Kaitlyin and she was glad so she called him Gross.

Another Orton Win: Well Once again I can’t hate this cos Swagger is on Ortons level more or less. They got 20 minutes and in parts Swagger looked like he was gonna win but Mr RKO won.

They announced Kofi vs Ambrose for the US title on Smackdown.

HHH Nearly Dies? Nah he didn’t really die but he sold it like he did. So Hunter and Hennig wrestled for awhile until Hunter started to channel his inner 1995 Shawn Michaels and acted all concussed. The match ended when Hunter passed out and the doctors came out to check on him as the show ended.

Overall: This was a good show. We got 2 long matches that were really great and we had little to no lame Variety/Comedy this week. A good follow up to a decent PPV.