WWE Raw July 29th 2013

Even though this weeks RAW was taped a week ago that will not stop us from reviewing it.

Vince came out with Maddox. Vince said Maddox was onto something when he called Bryan a troll last week. Bryan came out and Vince sad Bryan was showing a lack of respect to Vince for coming out Bryan said Vince needed to respect Bryan. Vince tried to turn Cena against Bryan by saying Cena chose Bryan not because he respected him but because he knows Cena could crush him in a match. Vince said everyone knew Bryan couldn’t beat Cena and that Bryan lacks “Ruthless Aggression”. Vince said that if Bryan won the title at Summerslam it would be the biggest Championship Embrassment in WWE history says the man who has put the belt on himself. Vince said he hopes Cena andd Bryan spontaneously combust in the ring at Summerslam just like them Mega Powers right Vince. Bryan finished off by telling Vince to listen to the WWE Universe who want a new WWE Champion. Well clearly he hasn’t listened cos fans haven’t liked Cena since 2005. 

The Shield vs Mark Henry and The Usos: The Shield won after the healock DDT by Ambrose on Jimmy Uso. After the match Mark Henry ran off the Shield.

The Ryback was eating backstage then harrassed a backstage worker into getting him food. Why was this on the show.

Kane made his return after the Wyatt Family beat down 2 weeks ago. Kane was with Maddox asking Maddox were the Wyatts were and Brad didn’t know. Brad told Kane to send a message to the Wyatts by having a Killer Instinct against Bryan.

RVD vs FANDANGO: They still wont let RVD pin FANDANGO as he walked out again.

AJ was bitching about being speared by Kaitlyn. AJ yelled at Langston for just standing around and then she skipped away.

Kaitlyn vs AJ: Kaitlyn won with the spear. AJ screamed after the match.

Dolph vs Big E: Right as the last match ended Dolph came out to face Big E. AJ got involved clawing Ziggler when Big E was outside the ring so Ziggler gets the win by DQ.

Cena was on the phone when Bryan walked in. Bryan asked Cena if what Vince said was true. Cena said Vince was only trying to mess with Bryan.

Del Rio Vs Christian: Christian pinned Del Rio.

Cody Rhodes vs Wade Barrett: Cody pinned Wade after hitting the CrossRhodes. Im glad they are doing something with Cody now and ive lost all hope in anything meaningful with Barrett.

Kane vs Bryan: The big Team Hell No blowoff which means nothing seeing they are teaming together in Australia. Bryan hit his roll up pin for the win. Kane chokeslamed Bryan after the match and the Wyatts came out to beat up Kane again.

They showed a pre-tape of The Bellas calling Nattie the Ugly Duckling of Total Divas. She is clearly postioned to be the Khloe Kardashian of this show. The Kardashian remark is not a shot at Nattie by the way or at Khloe Kardashian its just very comparable.

Brie Bella vs Nattie: Brie beat Nattie. Poor Nattie shes gone from the faring gimmick to now being called an ugly duck.

Heyman told Axel to go show why hes the Greatest IC Champion In History HA

Axel vs R-Truth: Punk ran in and attacked Axel. Punk chased after Heyman. Axel got to Punk before he got to Heyman. Heyman ran away as Punk dealt to Axel.

Now Kids its Time For Americas Favorite Family Segement: HHH was yelling at Vince for messing around with Bryan. Vince wants someone who can beat Cena um who might that be besides Punk or Orton. Vince said he wants a Triple H 20-30 years younger. If Vince got a HHH 30 years younger he would be 14!!!. Steph showed up and tried to push a corporate Makeover on Bryan and HHH said it was worth a shot.

Ryback vs Cena Tables Match II: Like the last one Cena hit the AA through the table. Bryan came out and took the WWE title and faked handing it to Cena. Cena told him he would have to earn the Belt.




RAW July 8th 2013:

RAW opened with Vickie coming out to the ring. They had a ladder near the ring cos Money In The Bank is this Sunday. She said the ladder represented her climb up the WWE from what I recall she hasn’t really made a climb. They bought her in for the Eddie/Rey feud in 2005. After Eddie died she was just kinda around until they put her with Edge and she became the Smackdown GM and since then shes either just managed wrestlers who loose or been the GM. When she got to the top of the ladder she said she did everything for the People. Lawler then said fans will decide her fate with a poll on the App. How nice is it that this womans fate will be decided by a poll on a smartphone app.

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus: This was a really good match. Aside from the 18 second match at Mania 28 these two always have good matches when given time. Bryan got the win with the rollup cos we can’t have him submitting everyone I guess. Sheamus didn’t act like a dick and he shook hands with Bryan.

Backstage the TNA cameraman was looking for the Wyatt Family who are finally here but weren’t found.

AJ and Langston were in a hallway making fun of Kaitlyn when Dolph walked in. AJ hugged him and said she missed him. I guess they don’t hang out when they aren’t on RAW together. Dolph asked why she didn’t come to the ring with him anymore and AJ said she would at Money In The Bank. I Smell a Ziggler loss because of AJ.

WWE Tag Title Match will be on the Pre-Show. So much for that Uso Push again.

The Shield vs The Two Fat Fucks: Speaking of the Tag Titles here are our fighting champions. Thankfully they beat the two fat fucks.

The TNA camerman was still looking for the Wyatt Family and he did when Luke Harper told the camera guy to follow him.

John Cena came out to have his final face off with Henry. Henry came out all serious saying for 17 years hes been starving and that hes serious. Our WWE champion then made a snickers joke. You see why people fucking hate Cena he just jokes like none of these heels are threats to him. Cena cut the bullshit as the promo went on and they did the whole Henry needs to win or he has no legacy thing even though he has won the World Heavyweight Championship. Cena struggled to hit the AA when things got physical. I guess they are playing it up Henry is too big for him to lift even though ive see him lift Big Show and Edge at once. Also Mark Henry is so great these days.

Orton said he would cash in Money In The Bank after winning it on Sunday.

Curtis Axel vs Chris Jericho: Jericho won with the Codebreaker. I don’t see why beating Axel to Jericho makes sense unless they are doing Axel/Jericho for Summerslam. But I guess Jericho needed a win before the Ryback match. Oh Miz did commentary for this.

All the Smackdown Money In The Bank geeks were backstage. Barrett knocked out FANDANGO.


Del Rio vs Sin Cara: But before we get to the Wyatt family we have to watch this. Sin Cara has his lights back and it makes no sense why. Dolph came out to do a mock Del Rio introduction so Del Rio and him brawled.

Vickie and Maddox were in the ring. The McMahons came out. Vickie kissed all their asses as she went over her accomplishments as GM which included bringing Rock and Undertaker back to RAW. Steph got pissed because she blamed Vickie for bringing back Brock Lesnar. Vince said she was entertaining and Brock coming back was a good idea. Hunter just said she was doing a terrible job. He then blamed the crowd booing her good enough reason to fire her. Vince said she should be the permanent GM, Hunter said she should be fired so it was all up to Steph. Steph acted like a bitch and relied on the WWE Poll to decide her fate. 75% of the fans voted fail so Vickie was fired just like that. Vickie cried as Steph fired her. Something tells me Vickie will still be on RAW. The McMahons left as Vickie was begging for her job back. Vince asked the fans if they were happy they broke Vickies heart and then said all the fans failed and not Vickie. They announced Maddox as the GM oh goody.

Vince consoled Vickie for her loss and said he would make everything right again.

Kane vs Christian: Kane won with the chokeslam. What a return for Christian. But after the match they showed Bray Wyatt on the video screen on a rocking chair.

Following that video The Wyatt Family was finally here. The lights went out and Wyatt carried a lantern to the ring with him. The lights went back on and the two other guys attacked Kane. Wyatt got out of his rocking chair and looked over a prone Kane. The fans chanted Husky Harris at him.

Vickie was packing her things when The Ryback gave her a hug for whatever reason.

Divas had a match yeah thats all.

Randy Orton vs CM Punk: Randy Orton lost again my god thats like 2 losses in a row for him now. Bryan came in after the match and beat them both up. He got the ladder and held up the briefcase to end the show.

RAW Is McMahon Family Or How We Tried To Beat Game 7 and Lebron June 3rd 2013

Long McMahon Family Promo Like 2000: RAW opened with Stephanie McMahon making her one annual appearance. She basically said Hunter wasn’t going to wrestle tonight. She said Curtis Axel was beneth him and I facepalmed. She got booed for cancelling Hunters match. She said it was for her husbands well being and then asked the crowd to not be selfish.

Vince came out at this point. Vince acted like a face until he got in to heel mode with his daughter. He asked the crowd to not boo her and said she was right in her decision to cancel the match. He then also said Axel was benneth the almighty HHH. Then things looked to get interesting when THE SHIELD came out but the bastards cut to commercial. Upon the return from commercial they showed us what happened on the App and well Vince and Steph just left and I said WHAT A FUCKING RIPOFF.

Team Hell No and Orton vs The Shield: Ambrose got the pin on Bryan after hitting the headlock DDT. This was a good match and Bryan really goes all out in these matches with the Shield which are really becoming the highlight of RAW these days. This was great shame it all went downhill quickly.

Punk and Jericho will sign their contract for their match at the PPV tonight.

Backstage: Bryan was yelling at that cunt Randy Orton so good for Bryan. Orton tried to get him to calm down Bryan said Orton thought he was the weak link as well but Orton denied this claim. Bryan said he would wrestle again tonight and prove hes not the weak link.

HHH Arives: Well God…. I mean HHH arrived late and went looking for Vince. He then found Vince and Steph and asked what was going on. So Vince then said Axel was really good even though earlier he said Axel was beneth Hunter. Anyway Vince told Hunter to consider not doing the match. Hunter said hes wrestling and asked who would stop him. At this moment I thought oh god they are going to bring out his kids to convince him.

TIme To Check Out The Heat Game: Usos beat Prime Time Players as I assume hundreds of thousands of viewers tuned into TNT to watch Game 7 at this moment.

Langston/Del RIo 5: Well Del Rio once again got his win back and im sure Langston will win match #6 on Smackdown just so no one gets over.

Speaking Of Over Heres Another Sheamus Squash: Sheamus beat Cody for I think the 1000th time with the kick. Sandow was on commentary trying to get people to care about this mess. After the match Sheamus punched out Snadow yep remeber Kids To Be A Star.

Hunter and Steph were arguing man it really felt like 2000 again. Anyway Hunter left and told Steph next week hes wrestling Axel.

They then recapped The Ryback killing Kofi on Smackdown.

Bryan was then pacing bakstage and ran into THE RYBACK. THE RYBACK called him the weak link. So heres our 2nd Bryan match for the night.

Heyman and Axel met with Vince. Vince said Axel would not wrestle Hunter next week. He then made A Cena/Axel rematch in a no dq match.

FANDANGO vs KHALI: Well time to check the Heat game again. By the way FANDANGO walked out the match. Miz came out on the ramp and Barrett gave him the elbow thing.

Miz vs Barrett: Miz then beat Barrett with the Figure Four. Why the fuck is Miz using that move I mean Buddy Rogers to Flair then to Miz its just not right. I think Miz has no idea who Buddy Rogers is anyway. Also Barrett is just dead in the water.

Contract Signing: Punk did not show up. Heyman signed the contract for Punk. Jericho then signed after Heymn asked him if he wanted to face Punk in Chicago. By the way they wrestled in Chicago last year at Extreme Rules. Jericho then said he would wrestle Punk anywhere including Hartford which got a pop. Jericho then stuffed the contract into Heymans pants yep time to watch The Heat again.

Speaking of The Heat they did a divas match which im sure no one cared for.

They aried a new Wyatt Family Promo.

The Ryback vs Daniel Bryan: Bryan gave Ryback arguably the best match hes ever had. Ryback powerbombed Bryan through a tabled causing the DQ win. After the match Ryback tried to do what he did to Kofi to Bryan but Superman came out and made the save.

Cena vs Axel II: Well 3rd week in a row Axel got a win that does nothing for him. Is it really going to hurt Cena to loose clean to a guy you want to make a star. It makes a new opponent for Cena down the road this is how you build up heels you fucking idiots. Instead we got a countout finish.

Overall: WWE rewrote this show over the weekend when they found out they were going against Game 7 and then Vince made them re-write it on Monday morning. What did we get wet got a bunch of segments with Vince and Steph and some really stupid matches that probably lost alot of viewers to the NBA.

WWE RAW May 20th 2013: A New Heyman Guy

THE RYBACK came and talked about the match from the PPV. He said Cena REFUSED to leave in an Ambulance, wow what a trooper he is. Ryback proposed an Ambulance Match at WWE Payback cos yeah we need to suffer through yet another awful Cena Ambulance Match. (See Cena vs Kane Elimination Chamber 2012)

The Reunion of ChrisMiz: The Greatest 3 Week Tag Team of all time got back together to take on their foes. Barrett has a new theme and hes going through them like a dog goes through a bone at this point. Barrett lost cos you know its a shock at this point right. FANDANGO said his name during this and just walked out cos I guess hes to good for this and Jericho pinned Barrett. I remember when the IC champion won matches and rarely lost on RAW.

After the match Miz and Jericho cornered FANDANGO who was dancing in the corner so he ran off. Jericho took the female dancers hand and dipped her for some reason. Jericho then gave her the hand and left.

Vickie came out and announced Swagger vs TBD for later. But this was one of them lame votes for the app. This week its Truth, Khali and Orton. Boy I wonder who will win this battle.

Bryan was backstage and still pissed he lost the tag titles and Kane was trying to console him. They argued and Kofi the ever happening man break it up.

Sheamus vs Titus O’Neil: This was made because Titus was critical of Sheamus on the PPV on Sunday. Titus O’Neil got the advantage after Darren Young got involved but even after that Sheamus still won after hitting white noise.

The New Paul Heyman Guy: Heyman came out and bragged about Brocks victory on the PPV. He then debuted Curt Axel who is his new client. Curt Axel is the former Michael McGuillicutty or Joe Hennig son of Curt Hennig. Axel came out to a modified version of the Mr Perfect music nice wink wink to people. Heyman put over the pedigree and origin of the Curt Axel name. He wondered why this man had no been a main eventer and I can answer this. HE WAS NEVER PUT ON RAW. HHH came out and spoke but Axel cut him off before Hunter told him to shhh. Hunter said Brock didn’t walk away last night but he limped away. Hunter threatned Heyman but Curt got in the way and it was basically to book the main event match. THE FIRST HHH RAW MATCH SINCE 2010.

Langston vs Del Rio: Langston actually won and I was not expecting that.

AJ vs Layla: No one curt as AJ won. Layla has not been over since she came back last year.

CODY WINS: Cody Rhodes won a match even though it was against Ryder he still WON A MATCH. After the match The Ryback came out and killed Ryder with the shellshcok again. So if Ryback wins the belt does that mean hes gonna feud with Ryder.

Shield vs Kofi and Hell No: So basically a giant rematch from the PPV. They give this nearly 30 minutes which is insane on RAW. This was a great match all these guys are really solid workers even Reigns is becoming pretty good. Once again Danielson and the Shield were awesome. Hell he wrestled most of the Shield in ROH. Bryan was mocked during the match for being the weak link in the team.

The Doctor told Hunter he shouldn’t wrestle. Hunter didn’t care what the doctor thought cos hes HHH and hes that damn good.

So we got the continuation of who is stalking Kaitlyin. Cody walked past so Kaitylin stole his phone to check his messages. he hadn’t messaged Kaitlyin and she was glad so she called him Gross.

Another Orton Win: Well Once again I can’t hate this cos Swagger is on Ortons level more or less. They got 20 minutes and in parts Swagger looked like he was gonna win but Mr RKO won.

They announced Kofi vs Ambrose for the US title on Smackdown.

HHH Nearly Dies? Nah he didn’t really die but he sold it like he did. So Hunter and Hennig wrestled for awhile until Hunter started to channel his inner 1995 Shawn Michaels and acted all concussed. The match ended when Hunter passed out and the doctors came out to check on him as the show ended.

Overall: This was a good show. We got 2 long matches that were really great and we had little to no lame Variety/Comedy this week. A good follow up to a decent PPV.

Extreme Rules 2013 Recap: The Shield Rules

WWE hosted its first PPV since Wrestlemania 29 at the Scottrade Center in St Louis on May 19th 2013. The show was very good with several matches being great. The show didn’t hold up to the Extreme Rules show from 2012 with 3 classic Main Event matches. The three main stories coming out the show were The Shield walking out with the Tag Titles and US Title, The No Finish in the WWE title match between Ryback and John Cena and lastly Brock Lesnar beating HHH in the cage match.

Pre Show: The Miz def Cody Rhodes: This was short but back and forth. Miz got the win when he applied the figure four onto Rhodes.  I guess this gives Miz a win on his return but Cody is still lost in the shuffle.

1. Chris Jericho def FANDANGO: Jericho carried the match and really give it his all to make FANDANGO look good in loosing. Jericho got the win after FANDANGO came off the rope and Jericho hit the Codebreaker which was awesome to get the pin.

They had a backstage deal with Sheamus saying that tractor trailers don’t hit back

2. Dean Ambrose def Kofi Kingston: This was ok but they didn’t get enough time to have a better match. It was clear when this was announced that Kofi was loosing the belt and he did. Ambrose won by hitting his headlock DDT after Kofi tried to hit Trouble In Paradise. So our first Shield title win is in the books.

WWE refferenced Sam Muchnick and Lou Thesz throughout the night being that we are in St Louis and its always weird hearing them talk about Muchnick and Thesz cos WWE rarely acknowledges them at all.

4. Sheamus def Mark Henry: This was the return of the strap match and by my count only the 3rd strap match used in WWE. This was like all the rest of the strap matches. They dragged each other around trying to touch each of the four corners. Sheamus hit the Brouge Kick to Henry before touching the 4th corner. This was OK.

They did a deal backstage with Kaitlyin and AJ. Kaitlyin made a Looney Tunes refference and it set AJ off cos shes still sensitive to any word that alludes to her being a nutcase. They had a tussle as The Bellas and Tamina watched on. This really meant nothing at all.

5. Alberto Del Rio def Jack Swagger: This was ok. The main spot being Del Rio locked in the Patiot Act with Ricardo trying to throw in the towel with Del Rio telling him not to. Zeb threw in the towel and Swagger was announced as the winner. A second ref came out to inform the ref of what happened and we got a replay and the match restarted. Del Rio struggled to get up but after a few seconds he locked Swagger in the armbar for the win.

6. The Shield def Team Hell No: FINALLY TEAM HELL NO LOST THE BELTS. I am one of the few people who has never liked Kane and Bryan as a tag team and am so glad they lost the belts. This was a great match considering this was short. Reigns catapaulted Bryan into a double kick by Rollins. Reigns put Bryan into a torture rack and Rollins hit a kneedrop off of the top rope. Reigns got the pin to win the belts.

7 .Randy Orton def Big Show: This was very good and the first match that got any sort of time. Orton got the win which doesn’t annoy me cos I could care less if Big Show looses and Orton going forward is worth more than a 42 year old Big Show. Orton tried all of his main moves. He hit an RKO but Show kicked out, Hit The DDT off of the top rope and Show kicked out, Orton then hit an RKO onto a chair but Show kicked out. Orton then hit the punt to get the win. So the idea was that Orton couldn’t beat Show but did.

8. John Cena draw Ryback: So this was interesting. The match was very good and they did kill each other going around the arena with people going through tables and diving off of railings. But the main thing people will take away from this is both men going through the lighting setup. This reminded me of when Matt Hardy and Edge went through the electrical setup in 2005 on RAW. They played it up huge when they stretchered Cena off and the the fans were pissed chanting This Is Bullshit. I understand why the fans would be pissed cos this is a cheap finish to get out of beating either guy.

9. Brock Lesnar def HHH: This was the best of the 3 matches these two have had. Lesnar won after he hit HHH with the sledgehammer and an F-5. At one point Heyman got in the cage and HHH gave him the pedigree and then one to Brock for a nearfall. This is my choice for match of the night and they did well in protecting Brock going forward. HHH sold the finish well to make Brock seem like a killer and I don’t see what they can do with Hunter now going forward.

Overall as I said this was a good show that really got going about halfway through the show.

RAW May 13th 2013: Extreme Rules Go Home Show

Raw Is Dance Off: Well with a PPV this weekend WWE kicked off this weeks RAW with a DANCE OFF. No Brock Lesnar, HHH, Cena or Ryback to kick off the show but FANDANGO and Jericho dancing. Jericho went through his past success is WWE variety segments like WWE Musical Chairs which was awesome because of Ric Flair and his win on The Price is Raw in 2009. So music came on and FANDANGO did not move so he got booed. FANDANGO needs silence to perform his masterpiece. They started to dance and his dance partner fell down wow what a start here. Jerichos partnet went to check on the other female dancer and FANDANGO attacked Jericho from behind. After FANDANGO beat up Jericho it was revealled Summer Rae whom is FANDANGOS dancer faked her injury wow what nerve. I feel ripped off to not see Jericho dance.

The Ryback Kills Zak Ryder: As every week goes by im still amazed Zak Ryder has a job in WWE and somehow still gets on RAW. Well Ryback killed him with the shellshock.

The Return of The Prime Time Players: Remember when Titus and Darren were on RAW all the time well THEY ARE BACK. They pinned the two fat fucks so WELCOME BACK PTP.

World Title Announceent From Your Friend Teddy Long Playa. So Basically Teddy called the match off because of the concussion to Ziggler which is legit and he did suffer short term amnesia. Zeb and Swagger came and DEMAND Ziggler be stripped of the belt well. Big E and AJ came out and AJ implored Teddy to fire Swagger I guess for his DUI issues and stuff. Teddy made a #1 contenders match between Swagger and Del Rio which would now be an I QUIT MATCH dun dun dunnn. Teddy then announced either Big E against Del Rio or Swagger which gives us our WWE APP vote for the week. Also Why isn’t Booker T doing this shit HE IS THE GM.

The WWE APP The New Way To Watch Television what BS.

Kingston vs Sandow: Kofi won with the Trouble In Paradise. Eh I really have nothing to say about this. WWE clearly has no intention to do anything with Rhodes or Sandow and Kofi is stil stuck in the spot hes been in since 2009.

Henry Calls Out Sheamus: They aired highlights from Eddie and JBL in 04 from their bullrope match and it baffled me and then it was announced that their PPV would be a strap match. WHY NOT SHOW FOOTAGE OF A STRAP MATCH. Josh tried to interview Henry but Henry DEMANDED Josh put the strap on as Henry put the other end on. Henry gave us a run down of a strap match because WWE has only done it twice from memory once in 1996 and once in 2009. Henry demanded Sheamus come out and took a strap of his own and got in the ring he then whipped Henry.


Another FUCKING Cesaro/Orton Match: 3rd match in the last week and what do you know we got the same fucking outcome. Im over this. Orton just fuck off and Cesaro deserves a lot better than to job to that overrated cunt.

The Miz and Cody will be in the pre-match for the PPV on Yahoo.

The Miz vs Slater: Miz won with the figure four.

Roman Reigns and Rollins will take on Hell No for the tag titles in a tornado tag match at the PPV. This has to be, has to be the end of this hell no bullshit.

The Shield vs Hell No and Cena: This was an elimination match

1st Elimination: Kane via DQ after attacking Ambrose with the announcers table.

2nd Elimination: Ambrose pinned Bryan after a Bulldog DDT.

3rd Elimination: Rollins with Eliminated after Superman gave him the AA

4th Elimination: Reigns was DQed after spearing Cena while he was not the legal man.

5th Elimination: Ambrose was DQed after Reigns and Rollins came back to beat up Cena.

So they more or less protected The Shield without killing them to Cena. Ryback then came out and Stood over Cena and then left. but came back again and killed Cenas ankle with a chair. Only for Cena to wrestle with a supposed injured ankle to make a huge comeback at the PPV and win.

Swagger vs Big E: Swagger won via count out they are still protecting Langston for his face turn. Swagger won the poll 65/35. Del Rio attacked Swagger after the match

This Weeks Diva Mess: So we had The Bellas,The Midget and Khali at ringside. Kaitlyin got another gift and by the way THERE WAS A MATCH GOING ON. AJ beat Nattie by Submission.

Backstage Jericho was plugging a match with FANDANGO

Big Show and Orton will be on The Highlight Reel With Jericho

HHH and Lesnar In A Cage: Hunter came out and got in the ring as the cage lowered. Hunter said he feels at home around the steel which probably is true seeing from all the Cell matches he was in. Hunter challenged Brock to come out and fight now. Brock and Heyman came out as Heyman went to talk he was cut off by Hunter. Brock wanted to charge at Hunter but Heyman held him back. Heyman cut the same promo he cut in the lead to Mania basically saying Hunter will disappoint his family and that hes a loser. Heyman said Brock doesn;t fight for free which is funny seeing Brock gets paid quite a bit for these appearances on RAW. Hunter said he doesn’t want Brock to face him now because he doesn’t want Brock to loose again. Hunter directed to Lesnar saying do you want to do what Heyman says and be a bitch which really pissed off Brock who then stormed to the ring. The refs tried to hold him back but Brock was an animal and got into the ring. They faced off and then brawled. Hunter threw Lesnar out the ring. This was great way to build the match on Sunday.

Overall this was meh. Aside from the final segment they didn’t seem to do much for the PPV. They basically confirmed that Ziggler isn’t ready to wrestle on the show.


WreslteMania 29: PredictableMania 2013

wwewrestlemania29wallpaper_cominghome_800April 7th 2013 played host to WrestleMania 29 which will go down as the biggest drawing Wrestling show of all time. WWE announced an attendance of just over 80,000 which beats out their legit number for WrestleMania III of 78,000 in 1987. The show was very predictable in who won and lost mathces on the card. The most obvious being John Cena regaining the WWE title and getting redemption for his loss to The Rock from last years WrestleMania.

The Pre Show: So the extended pre-show really didn’t add much besides some hype for matches on the show. They did a backstage segment with Miz and Snooki, Miz called her a MILF during their interaction. To fans delight Jim Ross was present on the pre-show I guess so annoying marks can’t cry about him not being involved with Mania.

Intercontinetal Title, Wade Barrett vs The Miz: Miz won the IC title with the Figure Four Leglock. I think its better Barrett lost the title cos it was doing nothing for him and since he won it he was just lost in the shuffle. Hopefully now Barrett can advance up the card. Miz at this point is just a Jericho level act who can go to and from the main event and be a high midcard mainstay.

Openning Video Package: New Jersey Governor Chirs Christie opened the show putting over the recovery after Hurricane Sandy last fall. He then welcomed the people to the land he loved and welcomed everyone to WrestleMania

Michael Cole welcomed us to WrestleMania as the P.Diddy song played as the National Guard came out with US flags.

The Shield vs Randy Orton, Big Show and Sheamus: This was the weakest of the matches The Shield has been in on PPV. Match was ok but didn’t get good until the end. Randy Orton played the babyface making the hot tag. Orton hit an RKO onto Rollins who came off the top rope which is always a great spot. Orton was speared by Reigns as Ambrose got the pin. So they didn’t feed the Shield to Orton and Sheamus which made me glad. We didn’t get the much talked about Randy Orton heel turn. Instead we got another Big Show heel turn who hit the KO punch on both Sheamus and Orton. I knew Show would do a turn but its just old seeing Show turn heel all the time.

They Showed a Rock/Cena Video Package

They then showed Snooki with her Boyfirend or Husband. I have no idea if shes married cos I have no desire to watch Jersey Shore.

Mark Henry vs The Ryback: Henry came out and we got a recap of the bench press segment from Smackdown. This was not good at all. I was looking forward to this but it just did not come off good. Ryback had Henry on his shoulders but lost his balance so Henry fell on him and got the pin. I guess they didn’t want to beat Ryback clean with the WSS or something. After the match Ryback gave Henry the Shellshock which was meant to get the crowd going but it didn’t.

So we get to the announcers who are playing with some WWE Action Figures from Mattel. They then plug the 2014 Special Olympics. Cut to Officials from the Special Olympics with Stephanie McMahon and Chris Christie.

We got a promo for a contest to win tickets to Mania 30 next year.

WWE Tag Team Titles: Team Hell No vs Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston: This was really rushed. It was clear had little time and wanted to get a lot of stuff in the match. AJ threw the case into Ziggler who tried to hit Kane with it but he ducked. Kane gave the big boot Langston. Kane chokelsmaed Ziggler as Bryan did the diving headbutt to pin Ziggler. I really thought they would end the Team Hell No thing here seeing this is the biggest show of the year and its meant to end all the angles going into the show but we still have the same tag champs. After the match Bryan led a huge YES chant.

We got a John Cena Make A Wish Video. So Yeah he aint turning heel.

Chris Jericho vs FANDANGO: They gave Fandango quite the entrance with all these dancers dancing until Fandango came out dancing with a girl. Jericho got a huge pop and a firework display. This was good because of Chris Jericho, FANDANGO was not good but it was still a good match cos Jericho carried him. Jericho got cut open hard-way during the match. Finish saw Jericho got for the lionsault as FANDANGO had the knees ready to counter so Jericho overshot the move to avoid the knees. Jericho then went for the Walls Of Jericho which FANDANGO blocked and pinned Jericho with an inside cradle.

We then got a video package with the most hand picked good looking kids and adults. The idea here is that they are one of the millions of WWE fans. The whole idea is so that WWE can try convince people that wrestling fans aren’t all overweight rednecks.

After that embarrassment we got a great package on all the great Mania moments. This was so good and why WWE is the best at what they do cos these packages just make you want to watch WWE more than any other company.

This video was used to introduce P. Diddy to the fans. I think they were trying to tell us that Diddy will be a great Mania moment which is hard to believe.

World Heavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger, This was ok just no that exciting. They did a lot of trading between the ankle lock and arm bar. The finish saw Zeb kick out Ricardo’s crutch. Del Rio went after Zeb while Swagger jumped Del RIo on the floor. When they got back to the ring Del Rio put on the arm bar and got the win. No Ziggler cash in just Del Rio wining clean with the arm bar.

Undertaker vs CM Punk: He did it again. For the 6th year in a row Undertaker gave us Match Of The Night and hell its more impressive every year considering he gets a year older and is more and more banged up also working with Punk will help. Taker looked bigger than he has in sometime but was still billed as 300 pounds. The crowd came alive when Taker went for the Last Ride and Punk hit Taker with the Urn which Taker kicked out of. I guess this the same as Taker kicking out of the tombstone that HHH gave him in 2011. We saw a lot of trading off between Tombstone and GTS attempts and Punk never hit the GTS in this match. Taker got out of a GTS and got Punk into the tombstone and hit it for the pin and to go 21-0. After the match Taker took the urn back and did his salute to the urn which was a nice tribute to Paul Bearer and it looked like Take was tearing up when he did this. Taker left as the flames went off and 21-0 was on the screen like it is every year.

Cena/Rock Promo

No Holds Barred; Triple H vs Brock Lesnar, This was really good but it did not come off as good if you heard the crowd. This crowd did not care for this match. Brock and HHH killed each other. HBK kicked Heyman, Brock gave HBK an F-5, HHH and Brock traded trying to do the kimura lock. HHH hit Brock with the sledgehammer then hit a pedigree on the steel steps to get the win. Much like with the Cena loss with Brock last year they didn’t just beat him it took a lot of punishment for him to go down. After the match HHH and Shawn hugged and HHH did his posing routine. As much as I am a fan of Hunter I just didn’t care he won this match.

Hall Of Fame Highlights: They showed footage from the ceremony which if you haven’t read about you have to cos it sounds like a great show and is a must see for when the DVD is out. Then the 2013 HOF class came out with Bruno getting his own music cos hes the headliner. Crowd gave them a nice applause.

Justin Roberts announced the crowd of 80,676

WWE Title: The Rock vs John Cena, In theory another year of build led to this. This was much better than the match from 2012. They did a lot of trading finishers mainly the AA and Rock Bottom. Rock went for a Rock Bottom which was countered by Cena into an AA for the pin. The crowd didn’t care I guess cos they knew Cena was winning and no one cares if he wins the title anymore. Rock left the ring and hugged his family at ringside. Cena and Rock posed on the stage and rose each others arm with Rock pointing at Cena basically cementing Cena and his legacy which is BS cos Cenas legacy was well cemented before this Rock stuff began. The fans hated this posing shit with Rock and Cena as they would. This was meant to be the big moment of the show but I doubt WWE uses it cos of all the booing it got from the live crowd.

Thoughts: This was way to predictable. All the major matches had predictable outcomes the Taker match aside. It was cemented weeks ago on TV that HHH was not loosing cos he never really seemed to care that if he lost he would be gone. Cena was winning no matter what happened. This show had no bad matches but it was that they had no reaction from the crowd for the most part. I know there has been complaints about the set making it hard for fans to see the action which is why the crowd was so quiet. Other than that it was an ok show with the 3 main events really being the best thing about the show with a meh under-card.