WWE Money In The Back 2013

Since the creation of Money In The Bank back in 2010 (The PPV Not The Match Itself) it has constantly been one of the better WWE shows of the year mainly due to the level of workers they put into the two ladder matches. This year while being a good show was the weakest of the Money In The Bank shows. Something about it lacked something the others had that made them great shows.

Pre-Show The Shield defeated The Usos: This was the best pre-show match WWE had done since they began doing them last year. The Shield retained the belts after Reigns hit the spear on Jimmy Uso. Even though they seem to be taking the Usos more serious now I still can’t dig them .Sure they are good workers but they have the stigma of jobber on them that its going to take more than a month of an apparent push to make them seem important enough to go against the Shield. But Id rather The Usos than The Two Fat Fucks.

1: Smackdown Money In The Bank: Damien Sandow won the Smackdown match which was a huge shock. With who WWE had in this match I figured it was a shoe in for Ambrose to win the match as he has been the only guy who has been positioned as a star in the last 6 months unlike the rest of the people in this match. Sandow spent the match laid out while Ambrose was the standout here in my mind. The Usos and Shield brawled outside with Cesaro, Swagger, Barrett and Fandango. Ambrose did a bump off a ladder which had been pushed by Rhodes and dove onto the brawling wrestlers. Rhodes went to win the briefcase but Sandow came to life and shoved his “friend” off of the ladder to claim the case.

Maddox came out as the new RAW GM. He went on about giving Vickie a role on the pre-show. He showed a video package featuring all of Vickies humilating moments which must of made Vince and Hunter hard and Stephanie wet. He then tried to get the crowd to chant “Thank You Vickie” which no one did while a few chanted You’ve Been Fired instead. This really should of been on RAW on Monday and not a PPV that people paid money for.

(2) Curtis Axel defeated The Miz: They had an average match. Axel is just ok in the ring and The Miz is still as awful as ever. No one cared at all for this and why would they care. Miz acted like Heyman hit him and sold being knocked out so Heyman was escorted to the back. Axel hit a neckbreaker into a Face plant to retain the title.

(3) AJ defeated Kaitlyn: Last month they had one of the better Womens matches in recent years and well this month we got something worse. The match essentially was AJ working over Kaitlyn’s shoulder. Kaitlyn hit a spear but he shoulder didn’t allow her to get the pin. AJ applied the black widow and held it in until Kaitlyn submitted. Worst match of the night.

(4) Ryback defeated Chris Jericho: This was ok. Ryback won with a roll up which was weak. Jericho is a guy who will put guys over and not bitch about it. So why wouldn’t they let Ryback use his finisher to beat Jericho. Well at one point Jericho hit the codebreaker on Ryback who was on the ring apron which led to a countout tease.

(5) Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler: This was great until the obvious DQ finish. When AJ said on RAW she would be in Dolphs corner on Monday I knew right then and there shes gonna fuck over Ziggler at the PPV. Sure enough AJ fucked over Ziggler. Dolph had Del Rios superkick reversed and then AJ hit Del Rio with the belt leading to the DQ finish. What a shitty manager/girlfriend AJ is. I guess this is to officially break off Ziggler and AJ going forward.

(6) John Cena defeated Mark Henry: Considering who was in this match is was ok. Henry dominated Cena with his power moves. Cena tried to hit the AA but he couldn’t. Cena finally hit an AA but Henry kicked out. Cena then had the “The Fuck Do I Do Now” look after Henry kicked out the AA. Henry hit the WSS but Cena kicked out. Cena went for the STF but Henry got the ropes. Henry went for a second WSS but Cena reversed it into the STF to get the win. WWE did a good job of keeping Henry strong in this match and not just having Cena kill him easily.

(6) Raw Money In The Bank Won By Randy Orton: WHY IN THE HELL DID RANDY ORTON WIN THIS MATCH. Im sorry but Randy Orton does not need the briefcase I mean hes a 9 time world champion and this is some serious Bullshit by WWE. RVD made his return here for his first WWE match since the 2009 Royal Rumble. Orton pretty much won cos he was the last man standing. Bryan went for the case but Axel came out and attacked him for whatever reason. Punk then went for the case but Heyman attacked him which breaks them up going into the Brock feud for Summerslam. Still the Orton win pisses me off as it may lead to another run of matches with Cena which no one needs to see again.


WWE Raw July 1st 2013: The Crowd That Didn’t Care

Well this show was as bland as you could get. After some really good RAWs in the last few week this show just seemed really flat and dull. The crowd not really caring didn’t help either. 

Vickie came out to kick the show off and announced a Cena/Del Rio match for later tonight so yeah we have that to look forward to.

Daniel Bryan then came out with a ladder. He went on about being the weak link and whatnot. He said the new question was if he could win the WWE Title. This bought out Sheamus who bought up the 18 Second match from WrestleMania 28 and then called Bryan a troll cos Sheamus is a dick. Orton came out and said hes starving for the WWE title. Kane came out and well no one cared. Christian came out and said he was the king of the ladder match. Punk was out last and said hes the best cos hes won two Money in the bank matches. Bryan said if Punk called himself the best again hed make him tap faster then he did to Orton last week. Orton stepped up to Bryan but Kane got between them. Orton then gave the RKO to Kane and they all had a brawl.

The Shield vs The Usos and Christian: Ambrose pinned Christian with help from Rollins. This basically just set up the next programs for the Shield even more.

Kane and Bryan argued backstage. Bryan made a Orton/Kane match with him as ref. How exactly did he do this.

Dolph Ziggler vs Jinder Mahal: Quick match with Ziggler winning with the zig zag. 3MB tried to beat down Ziggler but he escaped.

Vickie complained to Maddox about the McMahons screwing around with her every week. Hunter came in and said she was doing a great job.

Kane vs Randy Orton: So they did two finishes for this. Orton punched Kane in the corner until Bryan forced Orton to stop and then Orton pushed Bryan which led to Bryan calling a DQ win for Kane. Kane didn’t want to win that way so Bryan restarted the match. This one ended with Orton going for the RKO but Bryan was in the way and Kane hit the big boot to get the pin. Kane was still unhappy about Bryan interfearing and went to chokeslam Bryan but didn’t. So Orton gave Bryan the RKO.

Punk told Heyman that he doesn’t trust Axel but he does trust Paul. Heyman tired the whole well if you trust me the than you should trust him too thing. Punk also said he would beat the Prime Time Players on his own.

Sheamus vs FANDANGO: So Fandango making his return after his concussion. They had a pretty good match until FANDANGO walked out and lost via count-out.

Chris Jericho came out for commentary and wished everyone Happy Canada Day. Good thing to say when your in the US.

The Miz vs The Ryback. THE MIZ BEAT THE RYBACK. Well Ryback played up a sore knee that they sold as the reason for his loss. They put over how this makes Ryback vulnerable. Jericho hit the codebreaker on Ryback.

Mark Henry came out and said no one will deny him at Money In The Bank he then called the fans puppets.

Vince then met with Vickie and Maddox. Vince was pissed about Bryan still. He was then pissed about Cena vs Del Rio being done on RAW and not PPV. You know they did 3 Cena vs Del Rio matches on PPV in 2011.

CM Punk & Curtis Axel vs The Prime Time Player. I just realized Punk and Axel used to be in the New Nexus together in 2011. Anyway on to the match. Punk didn’t trust Axel so the Players took advantage of the match. Punk hit the GTS on Young but Titus run in after Punk who side stepped him. Axel hit a tag and got the pin.

Kaitlyn vs Alicia Fox: Kaitlyn won with the spear. AJ and Langston came out after the match and they mocked Kaitlyn again. They showed unflattering photos of Kaitlyn from her moddeling days but they made her FAT.

Stephanie came in for her go at Vickie. She went on about how an example should be made out of AJ. Vickie complained about the McMahons hounding her. Stephanie then said Vickie would face a Performance Review next week. Oh Great another performance review with members of the McMahon family haven’t seen that in the last year.

Sandow said he and Cody would remain best friends even though they are both in Money In The Bank. Zeb and Cesaro then came out with the returning Jack Swagger.

Cody Rhodes vs Antonio Cesaro: Cesaro won with the neutralizer. Sandow was sad that Cody lost. 

They did some shit with the Diva Show on E!. Honestly if you want a good show on E! just go watch one of the Kardashian shows plus the Kardashians are hotter than the divas anyway.


Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena: This was a fun back and forth match with both men hitting both their finishers. Cena hit the AA after Ziggler appeared getting the win. Henry grabbed the WWE title and put it on Johns feet. Cena went to pick it up but Henry attacked him.

A very boring show this week. I guess we have the Wyatt family coming next week so we have that to look forward to as well as yet another Performance Review oh the joy.

WWE Payback June 16th 2013

WWE held its 5 PPV of the year from the All-State Arena in Chicago Illinois. The show was built around not only return of CM Punk who had been absent since WrestleMania XXIX but the return of the 3 Stages Of Hell Match between John Cena and Ryback for the WWE Championship. Once again WWE changed a match result in fear of the show becoming predictable with Alberto Del Rio winning back the World Heavyweight Championship from Dolph Ziggler in a math that resembled the famed “Double Turn” seen during the WrestleMania 13 match between Bret Hart and Steve Austin in the same building back in 1997.

Pre-Show: Sheamus defeated Damien Sandow: They had a good little 10 minute match with Sheamus winning with the Brouge Kick. Pretty predictable start here but honestly did anyone think Sandow would get a upset win over Sheamus.

(1) Curtis Axel defeated Wade Barrett and The Miz: Curtis Axel won a good triple threat with lots of near falls and saves after pinning Barrett before he tapped to the Figure Four leg lock from Miz. Axel was the only choice to win here as Miz is just a guy in the midcard now and Barrett needed the belt off of him so they can actually try and push him up the card. Axel is a newer act who in the last month has been positioned weird in the fact hes been in matches with Cena and HHH but not gotten clean wins. They played it up big about him winning the title on fathers day seeing that he is the son of Curt Hennig who was IC Champion back in 1990. After the match Axel and Heyman ran into HHH and they had a face off. Vince then came in and more or less made HHH/Axel 6 I think were up to now but Hunter still wont wrestle him.

(2) AJ Lee defeated Kaitlyn: AJ won the divas title after a solid match for the WWE divas. It was quick but you don’t need the divas to wrestle for 10 minutes. This wasn’t as good as the Knockouts Match from the TNA PPV earlier this month but still better than most WWE Diva matches. Kaitlyn went for the spear but stalled and mocked AJ but blowing her a kiss. AJ kicked out the spear and hit the Black Widow or Inoki Octopuss submission. They played it up that Kaitlyn was having a nervous breakdwon or something after the match with her crying in the ring. Backstage all the babyface women consoled her.

(3) Dean Ambrose Count Win over Kane: This was just a match. Ambrose hit the Headlock DDT after Kane cleared the spanish announce table. The crowd booed the count out finish which in Chicago WWE should of known better.

(4) Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler: Ziggler played total babyface here and they played up the concussion with Del Rio kicking him in the head getting heat. They tried to have the match stopped but Ziggler wanted to fight on. Del Rio hit the superkick to get the win even though he played “heel” throughout the match he got a pop from the fans. Thankfully WWE realized Del RIo was not a good face and they decided Ziggler should be in that spot cos he comes off as such a more likeable guy over Del Rio. Del Rio then did an interview saying he gives 100% for the fans and all that jazz as they booed him pretty heavily.

(5) CM Punk defeated Chris Jericho: This was so awesome. At the moment this is the best match WWE has done all year just edging out the Taker/Punk match from Mania. These guys stole the show. Punk played total babyface here with Jericho playing heel. Punk won after hitting 2 GTS. Go see this match.

(6) The Shield defeated Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan: These guys got screwed over when it comes to time. They had a good match considering the time they had but it wasn’t as good as their TV matches. They didn’t do much in the sense of Bryan/Orton the only spot being Bryan hitting a tope on Orton after Reigns shoved Rollins out the way. Reigns speared Bryan which lead to an RKO from Orton that led to the Curb Stomp from Rollins to Bryan for the pin. Yes they pinned the man who is meant to face Cena for the title next month and not Orton who is still just a guy. Anyway Orton gave Bryan the RKO after the match,

(7) John Cena defeated Ryback: 3 falls so lets get going

Fall 1: Ryback won the lumberjack match with the Shellshock. Cena dove out onto the lumberjacks at one point and it was a nice spot.

Fall 2: Cena won the tables match after Ryback went for the Shellshock with Cena reversing it into the Attitude Adjustment.

Fall 3: Cena won after hitting the Attitude Adjustment on top of the ambulance with Ryback going through the roof thus ending the mach.

This wasn’t to the callibar of the Austin/HHH 3 Stages of Hell from 2001 or the HHH/HBK one from 2002 but was better than the mess Orton and HHH in 2009. It was a fine Main Event and did it’s job ending the Cena/Ryback angle.

Overall: A really good show with a lot of good wrestling. Jericho and Punk is the stand out match on this show by far. The rest was ok to good.

WreslteMania 29: PredictableMania 2013

wwewrestlemania29wallpaper_cominghome_800April 7th 2013 played host to WrestleMania 29 which will go down as the biggest drawing Wrestling show of all time. WWE announced an attendance of just over 80,000 which beats out their legit number for WrestleMania III of 78,000 in 1987. The show was very predictable in who won and lost mathces on the card. The most obvious being John Cena regaining the WWE title and getting redemption for his loss to The Rock from last years WrestleMania.

The Pre Show: So the extended pre-show really didn’t add much besides some hype for matches on the show. They did a backstage segment with Miz and Snooki, Miz called her a MILF during their interaction. To fans delight Jim Ross was present on the pre-show I guess so annoying marks can’t cry about him not being involved with Mania.

Intercontinetal Title, Wade Barrett vs The Miz: Miz won the IC title with the Figure Four Leglock. I think its better Barrett lost the title cos it was doing nothing for him and since he won it he was just lost in the shuffle. Hopefully now Barrett can advance up the card. Miz at this point is just a Jericho level act who can go to and from the main event and be a high midcard mainstay.

Openning Video Package: New Jersey Governor Chirs Christie opened the show putting over the recovery after Hurricane Sandy last fall. He then welcomed the people to the land he loved and welcomed everyone to WrestleMania

Michael Cole welcomed us to WrestleMania as the P.Diddy song played as the National Guard came out with US flags.

The Shield vs Randy Orton, Big Show and Sheamus: This was the weakest of the matches The Shield has been in on PPV. Match was ok but didn’t get good until the end. Randy Orton played the babyface making the hot tag. Orton hit an RKO onto Rollins who came off the top rope which is always a great spot. Orton was speared by Reigns as Ambrose got the pin. So they didn’t feed the Shield to Orton and Sheamus which made me glad. We didn’t get the much talked about Randy Orton heel turn. Instead we got another Big Show heel turn who hit the KO punch on both Sheamus and Orton. I knew Show would do a turn but its just old seeing Show turn heel all the time.

They Showed a Rock/Cena Video Package

They then showed Snooki with her Boyfirend or Husband. I have no idea if shes married cos I have no desire to watch Jersey Shore.

Mark Henry vs The Ryback: Henry came out and we got a recap of the bench press segment from Smackdown. This was not good at all. I was looking forward to this but it just did not come off good. Ryback had Henry on his shoulders but lost his balance so Henry fell on him and got the pin. I guess they didn’t want to beat Ryback clean with the WSS or something. After the match Ryback gave Henry the Shellshock which was meant to get the crowd going but it didn’t.

So we get to the announcers who are playing with some WWE Action Figures from Mattel. They then plug the 2014 Special Olympics. Cut to Officials from the Special Olympics with Stephanie McMahon and Chris Christie.

We got a promo for a contest to win tickets to Mania 30 next year.

WWE Tag Team Titles: Team Hell No vs Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston: This was really rushed. It was clear had little time and wanted to get a lot of stuff in the match. AJ threw the case into Ziggler who tried to hit Kane with it but he ducked. Kane gave the big boot Langston. Kane chokelsmaed Ziggler as Bryan did the diving headbutt to pin Ziggler. I really thought they would end the Team Hell No thing here seeing this is the biggest show of the year and its meant to end all the angles going into the show but we still have the same tag champs. After the match Bryan led a huge YES chant.

We got a John Cena Make A Wish Video. So Yeah he aint turning heel.

Chris Jericho vs FANDANGO: They gave Fandango quite the entrance with all these dancers dancing until Fandango came out dancing with a girl. Jericho got a huge pop and a firework display. This was good because of Chris Jericho, FANDANGO was not good but it was still a good match cos Jericho carried him. Jericho got cut open hard-way during the match. Finish saw Jericho got for the lionsault as FANDANGO had the knees ready to counter so Jericho overshot the move to avoid the knees. Jericho then went for the Walls Of Jericho which FANDANGO blocked and pinned Jericho with an inside cradle.

We then got a video package with the most hand picked good looking kids and adults. The idea here is that they are one of the millions of WWE fans. The whole idea is so that WWE can try convince people that wrestling fans aren’t all overweight rednecks.

After that embarrassment we got a great package on all the great Mania moments. This was so good and why WWE is the best at what they do cos these packages just make you want to watch WWE more than any other company.

This video was used to introduce P. Diddy to the fans. I think they were trying to tell us that Diddy will be a great Mania moment which is hard to believe.

World Heavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger, This was ok just no that exciting. They did a lot of trading between the ankle lock and arm bar. The finish saw Zeb kick out Ricardo’s crutch. Del Rio went after Zeb while Swagger jumped Del RIo on the floor. When they got back to the ring Del Rio put on the arm bar and got the win. No Ziggler cash in just Del Rio wining clean with the arm bar.

Undertaker vs CM Punk: He did it again. For the 6th year in a row Undertaker gave us Match Of The Night and hell its more impressive every year considering he gets a year older and is more and more banged up also working with Punk will help. Taker looked bigger than he has in sometime but was still billed as 300 pounds. The crowd came alive when Taker went for the Last Ride and Punk hit Taker with the Urn which Taker kicked out of. I guess this the same as Taker kicking out of the tombstone that HHH gave him in 2011. We saw a lot of trading off between Tombstone and GTS attempts and Punk never hit the GTS in this match. Taker got out of a GTS and got Punk into the tombstone and hit it for the pin and to go 21-0. After the match Taker took the urn back and did his salute to the urn which was a nice tribute to Paul Bearer and it looked like Take was tearing up when he did this. Taker left as the flames went off and 21-0 was on the screen like it is every year.

Cena/Rock Promo

No Holds Barred; Triple H vs Brock Lesnar, This was really good but it did not come off as good if you heard the crowd. This crowd did not care for this match. Brock and HHH killed each other. HBK kicked Heyman, Brock gave HBK an F-5, HHH and Brock traded trying to do the kimura lock. HHH hit Brock with the sledgehammer then hit a pedigree on the steel steps to get the win. Much like with the Cena loss with Brock last year they didn’t just beat him it took a lot of punishment for him to go down. After the match HHH and Shawn hugged and HHH did his posing routine. As much as I am a fan of Hunter I just didn’t care he won this match.

Hall Of Fame Highlights: They showed footage from the ceremony which if you haven’t read about you have to cos it sounds like a great show and is a must see for when the DVD is out. Then the 2013 HOF class came out with Bruno getting his own music cos hes the headliner. Crowd gave them a nice applause.

Justin Roberts announced the crowd of 80,676

WWE Title: The Rock vs John Cena, In theory another year of build led to this. This was much better than the match from 2012. They did a lot of trading finishers mainly the AA and Rock Bottom. Rock went for a Rock Bottom which was countered by Cena into an AA for the pin. The crowd didn’t care I guess cos they knew Cena was winning and no one cares if he wins the title anymore. Rock left the ring and hugged his family at ringside. Cena and Rock posed on the stage and rose each others arm with Rock pointing at Cena basically cementing Cena and his legacy which is BS cos Cenas legacy was well cemented before this Rock stuff began. The fans hated this posing shit with Rock and Cena as they would. This was meant to be the big moment of the show but I doubt WWE uses it cos of all the booing it got from the live crowd.

Thoughts: This was way to predictable. All the major matches had predictable outcomes the Taker match aside. It was cemented weeks ago on TV that HHH was not loosing cos he never really seemed to care that if he lost he would be gone. Cena was winning no matter what happened. This show had no bad matches but it was that they had no reaction from the crowd for the most part. I know there has been complaints about the set making it hard for fans to see the action which is why the crowd was so quiet. Other than that it was an ok show with the 3 main events really being the best thing about the show with a meh under-card.

RAW April 1st 2013: The Road To WrestleMania Ends

wwe_raw_2012_hq_logo_download_freeWe begin with a video package highlighting the return of HBK. We couldn’t have WrestleMania without Mr WrestleMania now could we. Also JBL returned from his latest mountain climb to announce the show with Cole and Lawler.

Cena Sucks: So Cena came out to make the final sell for the match this Sunday. He compared him and Rock to Democrats and Rebuplicans and how half the fans hate him. Yeah we get it John over 75% of the fans fucking hate you just get over it cos its been this way for 7 years. Cena said the childish games are over and he is going for the WWE Title once again. Thats really all he said and well it was another bad Cena promo.

3MB Still Can’t Win: So we are getting this match yet again. 3MB hit some offense on Orton and Sheamus but that ended with Big Show came in. Show knocked out Jinder Mahal with the Knockout Punch. Shield then came out and cut a promo from the crow. Ambrose told the 3 faces to enjoy their win tonight cos they wont win on Sunday. Yeah enjoy the win you’ve gotten the last 3 weeks over some jobbers.

Zeb and Swagger: So Seeing we are in Washington tonight Zeb and Swagger were at the Captial Building. They went on about breaking the spirit of those who ruin the American Dream and they don’t mean Dusty Rhodes.

Del Rio Reacts: Del Rio recated to this backstage at the arena by saying he will respond to Swagger in anyway fashion he wants at Mania.

Dolph Won Another Match: So Dolph and Bryan had a really good match. Dolph won with a schoolboy after interference from Langston and AJ so it paid off for Ziggler this week. After the match Ziggler and Langston posed with the tag belts.

The Return of HBK; Shawn Michaels returned and I marked out hard for this. Shawn was concerned about Hunter putting his carer on the line. Hunter came out and Cole mentioned this could be the last time we see HHH prepare for a match and I just laughed. HHH said they had been through this when Shawn put his carer on the line 3 years ago against Undertaker you know the last time they did this and when it worked. Shawn told HHH that Undertaker respected Shawn while Brock respects no one and likes to hurt people. Shawn then said to Hunter that he better kick Brocks ass. Why wasn’t there a mention of Shawn’s arm getting broke last summer. So they hugged as they announced Shawn would be in Hunters corner at Mania. Im so glad they went with Shawn and not Stephanie McMahon in Hunters corner.

Brocks music hit. Brock stormed to the ring but was stopped by Heyman. Heyman said that Brock will beat HHH into retirement this Sunday. Heyman said Hunter better get used to being a disapointment to his Father In Law, His Best Friend and most important HIS WIFE. He then concluded by saying that unlike Shawn who walked away Hunter wont be able to walk away breathing but crawling away a broken man. My god this was awesome and made me wanna see this match.

Ryder gets Squashed. So Barrett pinned Ryder with the elbow. You now know why Zak Ryder is pissed about WWE. Miz was on commentary say he was getting to Barretts head.

Santino Is Dead: Mark Henry killed Santino with the Worlds Strongest Slam. Ryback came out and the two faced off. The two couldn’t touch until Sunday because of a No Touch Clause in the match contract. Henry went to leave as Ryback picked up Santino and rammed him into Henry to knock Henry off of the apron.

We leanred that Undertaker would verbally Eviscerate CM Punk later on tonight.

Backstage: Punk said he is trying to get into Undertakers head and doesn’t care if hes disrespecting the memory of Paul Bearer. He said Pauls streak of waking up every morning is over and that this is a bad omen for Taker.

Dutch Mantell Wrestles On Raw: Del Rio won by DQ is a nothing match. Swagger was stalking Ricardo on the outside of the ring. Swagger got Ricardos crutch to Zeb who used it on Del RIo. Zeb and Swagger then bashed Ricardo and Del Rio.

The Rock Has Come Back To Washington: So Rock started off by saying he would run for President. He then went on about Cena running his mouth and how he just stands tall during all of Cenas mouth running. Cole sold this huge by saying its a battle of 2 superstars. An Overconfident Rock and a Man Who Must Win In John Cena.

Jericho vs Cesaro: This was a great match if you didn’t notice from all the dancing talk from our announcers. FANDANGO came out. FANDANGO was using scorecards to score all of Jerichos move just like a dancing contest I guess. Jericho Knocked FANDANGO over which nearly gave Cesaro the win but Jericho hit the Walls Of Jericho to get the win. I know I usually complain about Cesaro loosing but this was such a good match I can’t really complain. Working with Jericho in a good match should give Cesaro a good enough Rub.

FANDANGO jumped Jericho after the match. The Crowd Chanted “You Can’t Wrestle”. FANDANGO hit two top rope leg drops to Jericho.

More Hype for Taker.

The Whores vs The Whores: So Bella whores beat Dancing Whores. Who In The World Gives A Fuck About Either of These women.

UNDERTAKER SPEAKS: So Taker said that this Sunday the streak may well end. But CM Punk will never live to talk about it. So If Punk Wins Undertaker plans to kill this man. So Lights went out and all the druids all came and we hear the Yes!!! of Paul Bearer. Then Paul Heyman came out dressed as Paul Bearer. Then the lights came on and I Bet a lot of people are gonna be pissed about this. Not much in wrestling offends me but this whole using Paul Bearers death to build this match is really just bullshit. One of the Druids jumped Undertaker and of course it was CM Punk. Punk poured the contents of the urn onto Undertaker as RAW ended.

Thoughts: They did a great job this week building all of their Mania matches. A lot of the RAWS this year have felt week and just dragged on for way to long. This week they needed to hit a home run and they did for all their major matches. The main talking point of this show will be Heyman dressed up as Bearer. If you listen to any wrestling audio shows that cover RAW this will be the main talking point. Overall a great go home show.