WWE Raw July 15th 2013

RAW opened with new RAW GM Brad Maddox of course. He announced that Del Rio and Ziggler would face off in a re-match from the PPV. Cena then came out smiling like a jackass. Maddox gave Cena the power to pick his opponent for Summerslam cos why not. Cena being the fighting champion said this was stupid so Randy Orton came out. Orton teased cashing in his title shot before Summersalm. FANDANGO then came out and looked really out of place with Cena and Orton. FANDANGO begged Cena to pick him for Summerslam. Yeah that would be great. Orton attacked FANDANGO so they brawled and Maddox made a match between them.

Randy Orton vs FANDANGO: Randy Orton won with the RKO so no shock here.

Dolph was backstage and he was upset with AJ for costing him the title. Dolph broke up with her and AJ look like someone had died as the fans chanted YES.

Mark Henry was pimped out in another suit and said he was making no excuses about his loss at Summerslam. He also wanted John to pick for Summerslam. Shield came out. Henry yelled at them then took off his suit jacket and began to beat them up until the 3-1 advantage took control. They then gave him the Triple Power Bomb.

Maddox was on the phone to Mom when Jericho walked in. Maddox booked a 2001 RAW main event between Jericho and RVD.

Del Rio vs Dolph: AJ fucked over Dolph again well least this time she had a reason to. AJ rung the bell during the match when Dolph was in control. Match was restarted and Dolph lost his edge which led to Del Rio hitting the superkick for the win. After the match AJ slapped Dolph around and Langston ran down and killed Dolph. AJ kissed Dolph and left with Langston.

They showed a graphic for Cenas Summerslam opponent saying he could PICK ANYONE. Alex Riley was included maybe this will be the big chance for A-Ry

R-Truth came out doing his rapping shit again. Thankfully The Wyatt family came out and put us out of our misery. Bray then cut a promo. Truth got back up and had a chair. Bray offered him a free shot and Turth hesitated. Bryan attacked Truth.

WWEACTIVE POLL: Swagger and Cesaro vs either Usos, Two Fat Fucks or PTP

Swagger and Cesaro vs Usos: Well the Usos won for whatever reason. One of them pinned Cesaro.

Sandow vs Christian: Christian pinned Sandow. This baffles me seeing they just gave Sandow the MITB last night and hes still loosing. After the match Cody attacked Sandow

Diva Match: No one cared

Punk came out selling injuries from the ladder match. Punk called out Heyman and Lesnar. Heyman took credit for Punks rise and success because without Paul Heyman we don’t have CM Punk. Heyman then said Punk couldn’t beat Lesnar. Punk said he would hurt everyone in his way until he got to Heyman. Lesnar then came out and brawled with Punk. Punk kept getting back up and going after Lesnar until he couldn’t no more. Brock finished him off with the F5. Punk tried to get up but couldn’t. He refused medical assistance and walked out holding his neck.

Maddox was texting just like Johnny Ace used to in 2011. Then Cunty… I mean Stephanie came in. She asked him how his first night as GM was going. Hunter walked in. They tried to make him feel bad about letting Maddox give Cena power to pick his Summerslam opponent. They said that if Cena picked Bryan it would piss off Vince. They then wished him well.

RVD vs Jericho: RVD won his first RAW match since 2007 with the frog splash. This was fun.

The entire roster was out on the stage. Cena came out and teased picking his Summerslam opponent. He teased Heath Slater, Orton, RVD, Khali and Jericho. The crowd didn’t care they all knew he was picking Bryan and when he said Bryan the crowd chanted YES as did Bryan. Bryan got in Cenas face as RAW ended.



WWE Raw June 24th 2013: A Dull Follow Up

After how great last weeks RAW was this weeks show felt very band and just never got going. Despite how great they built Mark Henry up a week ago and the beginning of a Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk program all the follow up felt very weak as opposed to the original angles.

RAW kicked off with Daniel Bryan coming out to do a promo. He said he wouldn’t accept his victory over Randy Orton from Smackdown. He said he wasn’t the weak link and said he would prove he wasn’t tonight. He chanted YES!. Randy came out and told him to Shut Up and fight.

Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton: They brawled like they hated each other and it was really short. The refs tried to pull them apart after the match was stopped.

Maddox and Vickie were backstage when Bryan walked in. He demanded a rematch with Orton in any match type. Maddox denied this and Bryan told Vickie to do it or he wants Maddox. Vickie agreed and made Orton vs Bryan again for later. After Bryan left Vince showed up. He put down Bryan for his size.

Sheamus & Christian vs The Rhode Scholars: So after Sheamus killed these two on his on a week ago and lost after a cheap pin by Sandow he needs a tag partner. Once again Sheamus won with the god damned kick. They announced Sandow vs Sheamus for Smackdown in a Dublin Street Fight.

Vickie ran into Punk backstage who was listening to music on his iPhone with his Beats by Dre headphones those were some subtle product placements. He asked her if Heyman had showed up yet. Vickie said Punk would wrestle later tonight but he wasn’t listening. He said if Heyman or Brock show up to tell him.

Kaitlyn vs Aksana: AJ came out during the match in a body suit mocking Kaitlyn. Aksana got a roll up and Kaitlyn kicked out at 2. AJ should not interrupt in peoples matches cos it never goes her way. Anyway Kaitlyn hit the spear for the win. AJ then did a promo as Kaitlyn which led to Langston coming out and a recreation of the Admirer angle from 2 weeks ago. Kaitlyn tried to go attack AJ but Layla held her back.

Chris Jericho vs Alberto Del Rio: Jericho got the win via DQ after Ricardo hit Jericho with a bucket while he had Del Rio in the Walls Of Jericho. After the match Dolph came out and attacked Del Rio with the Zig-Zag. Jericho and Dolph then had a stare down.

In our 2nd McMahon segment of the night Hunter then met with Vickie and Maddox. Vickie was about to cancel the Orton/Bryan match but Hunter told her not to because the WWE Universe wanted to see this match. Hunter made Vickie give the Universe the option to chose the stipulation.

Maddox and Vickie came out to the ring along with Lawler to unveil the WWE 2K14 Cover. I saw this cover 3 months ago. Vickie announced that Orton/Bryan would be either a Lumberjack Match, A Street Fight or Falls Count Anywhere. Vickie revealed her cover of the game which featured HHH, Vince and Stephanie. Maddox showed off his which had Cena, Punk and Himself. Lawler then showed the official cover with The Rock. They also released the trailer for the game and I 90% sure it was just WWE 13 which some created wrestlers.

Ryback then killed Khali with the Shellshock

John Cena came out to respond to Mark Henry. He said Henry had no legacy in WWE if he didn’t hold the WWE Title. He said Henrys window was closing

The Usos vs 3MB vs Two Fat Fucks: The Usos won a #1 contenders match. A Charity auction winner came out with The Two Fat Fucks. Shied came out and faced off with the Usos.

Heyman came out to the ring saying he ignored Punk all week so he could talk to him in the middle of the ring. Punk came out and went through his history in the WWE going back to 2005. This was very boring considering both Heyman and Punk were present. They went on about their personal history and why Punk was a Heyman guy. Heyman said Brocks contract expired after Extreme Rules (Not Really) and that he had no idea he would be at RAW last week. It just went on way too long and no one cared.

CM Punk quickly disposed of Darren Young. After the match PTP then doubled teamed Punk which led to Curtis Axel coming out to make the save.

Vickie and Maddox this time were yelled at by Stephanie because they had not announced the competitors for the Money In The Bank match for the WWE Title. Steph said she would do it.

They showed the Bellas giving out copies of WWE Magazine to fans.

Kane, Orton, Bryan, Sheamus, Christian, RVD and Punk will be in the Money In The Bank ladder match for the WWE title. My pick is Bryan.

Maddox said he worked on the list with Stephanie and Vickie looked pissed about it. Ryback came in and demanded a rematch with Cena well why didn’t he do it last week. Jericho said he deserved to be in the ladder match. So they made Ryback vs Jericho for the PPV.

Heyman explained why Axel helped Punk. He said Axel and Punk would face off against The PTP next week.

Mark Henry came out and bragged about his performance from last week. He said Hollywood directors have been calling him but Henry doesn’t want Hollywood he wants the WWE title.

Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan II: They had a nice street fight and the crowd actually cared about it. Bryan won after applying the YES Lock on Orton by using a kendo stick. Bryan hit a powerbomb on Orton through a table at one point. This was the big win Bryan was meant to get a week ago before the injury thing happened.

Overall: A very boring show this week. They did a poor job following up on Lesnar/Punk. Mark Henry was great again. I Have no idea where this McMahon thing is going but Im really bored of them all trying to out do each other.


Raw June 17th 2013: Time For Some Punk Brock

Show opened up with new World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. Bit odd seeing someone other than HHH, Vince or Stephanie open the show after the past few weeks. Del Rio called himself Superman which may anger some people cos we already have a Superman in WWE and it aint you. He then talked about how he won the title and how Ziggler did the same to him the night after WrestleMania. I don’t see any connection to these two events but thats what were going with here. He then trashed the fans for cheering for Ziggler when Ziggler cashed in his title shot the night after Mania. He then said America is full of Pigs and Cowards. Nice heel promo here.

CM Punk then came out with Paul Heyman. Punk took offense to Del Rio calling himself the best cos we all know Punk is The Best In The World so Punk challenged him to  a match. Heyman butted in saying his clients don’t work for free and Punk looked at Heyman. For those that don’t know Punk and Heyman are just friends and Punk is no client of his. Del Rio turned down Punks challenge. Its clear Punk is turning face as we would see later in the night.

Vickie came out and then basically made the match official.

They announced Orton vs Bryan for later in the show.

Punk told Heyman that he don’t need him to win matches. He said Heyman is no longer welcome at ringside for his matches.

Wade Barrett was meant to face Curtis Axel but Vickie said he would face CHRISTIAN who found his way back to WWE.

Wade Barrett vs Christian: Christian won with the killswitch. Quick little match that establishes Christian after being gone for so long. Barrett continues to be misused.

SHEAMUS LOOSES: Well when this came up I figured the Celtic Warrior would go on his merry way and beat two men at once and Boy was I wrong. Sandow got his win back from the previous night after Sandow got a schoolboy. Sheamus killed them for the entire match though. Oh the benefits of being buddies with Triple H.

#WWEAPP: Stip for Orton/Bryan, NODQ, No Count Out or 2 Out Of 3 Falls.

RVD is returning for One PPV Show In JULY

Vickie and Maddox were asking what Hunter thought of the Main Event. Why would they care what Hunter would think does he need to approve all Main Events now. He loved the idea and then questioned them what the main event would be if Punk didn’t decide to confront Del Rio. She had no response and changed the topic to Christian. Vickie and Maddox tired to take credit for RVD coming back (P.S He Was At The WWE Hall Of Fame) Anyway Triple H told Vickie to cut off the Shield tonight and make a stand. You Never Know Hunter match decide to beat them all 1 after the other. Hunter then joked about how great it was 3MB got booked yeah exactly.

Hell No Is Finally Dead: Kane confronted Bryan. Bryan said he can’t be part of a team and he needs to be part of Team DB. He said he needs the WWE title. Kane said the same. God help us if Kane wrestles for the WWE title in 2013.

WWE App: Orton called Bryan the weak link and blamed them for the loss on the PPV. Well I wish we could blame Orton.

Brayn vs Orton: NO DQ won the poll. They wrestled for awhile. The main story was Bryan never wanted to quit after the beating he took. They stopped the match due to Bryan and his injured ribs. Orton was given the win and Bryan looked depressed and I don’t blame Im sure most of the people who wrestle Orton have that look. Orton went over to Bryan extended his hand and Bryan grabbed. They then hugged and walked out together. The end made no sense.

AJ came out I then proceeded to groan. She said her Ziggy would share the spotlight with her “The Greatest Diva Champion Ever” She then called out any woman who could be compared. Well Stephanie came out. Normally id be relived to see Stephanie McMahon on TV but recently I could care less. Steph called out AJ for degrading women for her actions against Kaitlyn. She agreed and said instead of dating Superstars she’ll just Marry one. OHHHH BURN. Stephanie said no one does crazy like the McMahons. Yeah go back and watch 2000-2003 WWE and relive all the crazy moments. Kaitlyn came out with other women and I could care less about all 6 of them. Steph walked up to Kaitlyn cut off her mic and told her to not interrupt her again. Can we just announce that the McMahons are heels again. After that Kaitlyn walked to the ring she then went on about how AJ humiliated her. Kaitlyn then attacked her until Big E pulled AJ away.

Dean Ambrose vs  Kane: DQ finish after the Shield beat up Kane. Even after Hunters advice no one helped Kane.

Mark Henry was backstage in quite the suit. He was with The Prime Time Player and Tamina who still has a job. Darren Young was crying.

Vickie reminded the Shield that shes the boss. Ambrose wondered what she could do to them. Vince came in and greeted the Shield. He told them to keep up the good work.

William Regal vs Antonio Cesaro: I’ll always love seeing Regal on TV. Cesaro was introduced as Zeb Coulters new guy. Maybe this will help out Cesaro. Cesaro beat Regal quick with a sleeper hold ad Neutralizer.

John Cena then came out and did the same bullshit he talks about every week. You Hate Me but I love You. He said hes looking forward to Money In The Bank and awaiting his next challenger. Mark Henrys suit walked out. John went to leave but Henry told him to stay. So Henry went into his “retirement speech” about how hed been successful ( I guess successful is getting injured during ever major push you have had). He said his one regret was never winning the WWE Title. Cena walked up to him and raised his arm only for Henry to slam Cena as the crowd went crazy. Henry took off his jacked screaming hes got more in the tank.

Rene Young asked Henry what happened. He called the people puppets and challenged Cena for the title.

Chris Jericho vs Heath Slater: Chris Jericho won in an epic back and forth match. Nah not really he won quickly with the codebreaker and then beat up 3MB.

Matt Striker asked Heyman his thoughts on Punks comments earlier. Heyman turned the talk to Axel.

Curtis Axel vs Sin Cara: Sin Cara has his stupid lighting back again. Axel won with a body scissor DDT.

Dean Ambrose vs Daniel Bryan is on Smackdown

Vickie and Maddox were confronted by the McMahons. Vince said they were doing a great job. Vince asked what she plans to do about Henry. She then made Henry vs Cena official. Vince approved of this. Stephanie asked why Vickie was allowing the show to get out of hand. At one point she said the show was a disaster which is so much funnier if you hear what goes on during the show. Hunter wondered why Vickie didn’t make an example out of the Shield. So Hunter told Vickie to Listen to Him while Vince said listen to him. Basically they both think they are right to run the show. They both left and Steph said to listen to her. Just turn heel already for fuck sake.

Heyman ran up to Punk before his match and told him he loved him. Well something is going down.

CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio: Long back and forth match and this one is no joke. Punk hit the GTS but Del Rio got out of the ring. Del Rio walked out meaning Punk won by count out. Dolph ran out and attacked Del Rio and Ricardo. Then BROCK came out as Punk looked at him confused. Brock circled Punk and then took a mic but then gave the F5 to PUNK. Brock smiled as the show ended.

Overall: Great show for setting up futrue stuff. Henry was great in his segment with Cena. Punk/Brock is a shoe in for Summerslam. Bryan is now on his road to the WWE title. And the McMahons look to be on TV for the foreseeable future now.

Extreme Rules 2013 Recap: The Shield Rules

WWE hosted its first PPV since Wrestlemania 29 at the Scottrade Center in St Louis on May 19th 2013. The show was very good with several matches being great. The show didn’t hold up to the Extreme Rules show from 2012 with 3 classic Main Event matches. The three main stories coming out the show were The Shield walking out with the Tag Titles and US Title, The No Finish in the WWE title match between Ryback and John Cena and lastly Brock Lesnar beating HHH in the cage match.

Pre Show: The Miz def Cody Rhodes: This was short but back and forth. Miz got the win when he applied the figure four onto Rhodes.  I guess this gives Miz a win on his return but Cody is still lost in the shuffle.

1. Chris Jericho def FANDANGO: Jericho carried the match and really give it his all to make FANDANGO look good in loosing. Jericho got the win after FANDANGO came off the rope and Jericho hit the Codebreaker which was awesome to get the pin.

They had a backstage deal with Sheamus saying that tractor trailers don’t hit back

2. Dean Ambrose def Kofi Kingston: This was ok but they didn’t get enough time to have a better match. It was clear when this was announced that Kofi was loosing the belt and he did. Ambrose won by hitting his headlock DDT after Kofi tried to hit Trouble In Paradise. So our first Shield title win is in the books.

WWE refferenced Sam Muchnick and Lou Thesz throughout the night being that we are in St Louis and its always weird hearing them talk about Muchnick and Thesz cos WWE rarely acknowledges them at all.

4. Sheamus def Mark Henry: This was the return of the strap match and by my count only the 3rd strap match used in WWE. This was like all the rest of the strap matches. They dragged each other around trying to touch each of the four corners. Sheamus hit the Brouge Kick to Henry before touching the 4th corner. This was OK.

They did a deal backstage with Kaitlyin and AJ. Kaitlyin made a Looney Tunes refference and it set AJ off cos shes still sensitive to any word that alludes to her being a nutcase. They had a tussle as The Bellas and Tamina watched on. This really meant nothing at all.

5. Alberto Del Rio def Jack Swagger: This was ok. The main spot being Del Rio locked in the Patiot Act with Ricardo trying to throw in the towel with Del Rio telling him not to. Zeb threw in the towel and Swagger was announced as the winner. A second ref came out to inform the ref of what happened and we got a replay and the match restarted. Del Rio struggled to get up but after a few seconds he locked Swagger in the armbar for the win.

6. The Shield def Team Hell No: FINALLY TEAM HELL NO LOST THE BELTS. I am one of the few people who has never liked Kane and Bryan as a tag team and am so glad they lost the belts. This was a great match considering this was short. Reigns catapaulted Bryan into a double kick by Rollins. Reigns put Bryan into a torture rack and Rollins hit a kneedrop off of the top rope. Reigns got the pin to win the belts.

7 .Randy Orton def Big Show: This was very good and the first match that got any sort of time. Orton got the win which doesn’t annoy me cos I could care less if Big Show looses and Orton going forward is worth more than a 42 year old Big Show. Orton tried all of his main moves. He hit an RKO but Show kicked out, Hit The DDT off of the top rope and Show kicked out, Orton then hit an RKO onto a chair but Show kicked out. Orton then hit the punt to get the win. So the idea was that Orton couldn’t beat Show but did.

8. John Cena draw Ryback: So this was interesting. The match was very good and they did kill each other going around the arena with people going through tables and diving off of railings. But the main thing people will take away from this is both men going through the lighting setup. This reminded me of when Matt Hardy and Edge went through the electrical setup in 2005 on RAW. They played it up huge when they stretchered Cena off and the the fans were pissed chanting This Is Bullshit. I understand why the fans would be pissed cos this is a cheap finish to get out of beating either guy.

9. Brock Lesnar def HHH: This was the best of the 3 matches these two have had. Lesnar won after he hit HHH with the sledgehammer and an F-5. At one point Heyman got in the cage and HHH gave him the pedigree and then one to Brock for a nearfall. This is my choice for match of the night and they did well in protecting Brock going forward. HHH sold the finish well to make Brock seem like a killer and I don’t see what they can do with Hunter now going forward.

Overall as I said this was a good show that really got going about halfway through the show.

RAW May 6th 2013

RAW began with video of Heyman and Lesnar showing up at WWE HQ and I thought hmmm This will be fun. The video also recapped the major angles from last week.

Cena Still Never Quits: So Cena came out and said hes working through an Achilles injury. Cena then basically called Ryback gay so were off to a great start. Vickie came out with The Ryback so Cena mocked The Ryback. I love how we are back to Cena just making fun of his opponents. But Cena did let The Ryback chose the stipulation for their match. Ryback pick Last Man Standing.

Randy Orton Still Never Looses And Is Still A Cunt: The Highlight of this was Sandow doing a parody of Ortons song. Then we had the same typical bullshit ive complained about all year. Orton beat Sandow again god knows how many times its been this year. Really Orton just put some of these young guys over you selfish cunt.

Dance Off: Jericho came out with The Two Fat Fucks who would be his judges. Yeah A guy who when he moves just jiggles and a guy who still has Asian writing on his face what great dance judges. So Fandango came out with the old dancer.

Fandango and Turth then had a match but FANDANGO didn’t give a shit and left so Truth won by countout. I guess Truth can only beat Barrett.

Backstage: Bryan challenged The Ryback to a rematch which Ryback rejected. Kane showed up and Ryback backed off Bryan.

Ziggler vs Del Rio: They had a long match which went back and forth. So Del Rio had Ziggler in the armbreaker but AJ jumped on the ropes to distract the ref so Langston could pull Del Rio off of Ziggler and threw him out to Swagger who was at ringside. The Ref gave the DQ win to Del Rio. Swagger then got a ladder and beat up Dolph, Del Rio and Ricardo and then left.


WWE aired a promo for their new deal with Yahoo which is basically just like the youtube stuff from last year.

Boring Diva Shit: So Kaitlyin was with the two dancing whores and wanted to know who here secret guy was. Nattie came in with Khali and said Khali can go undercover to find out. Yeah why not send a giant man who can’t speak english to do stuff.

The Shield Still Rule: Shield beat Kofi and THE FUCKING USO TWINS who still have jobs apparently.

Cesaro WON A MATCH: Cesaro came out with a beret so I guess the yodeling is over or at least I hope it is. Cesaro beat Zak Ryder who amazingly has not left WWE. Cesaro claimed he put the W in WWE. I don’t know if he meant World or Wrestling but I assume he means World. He also said no one in WWE holds a candle to him besides Kofi who beat him for the title and all the top guys cos they beat him every week.

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar at WWE HQ: So Heyman and Lesnar walked through WWE HQ or for classic fans Titan Tower. Heyman said it was a poor work environment and that no one was happy. From stories ive heard few people aren’t happy. They passed the 2013 Rumble poster with The Rock and Brock stared at it which is a wink/wink to next years planned Mania main event. They ended up at Hunters office. I have no idea if this was his legit office or not. Hell id loved if they trashed Stephs office to. They trashed everything using a sledgehammer which was on the desk like HHH is gonna keep his sledgehammer on his desk. So Heyman sold the cage match cos this was meant to be live but it wasn’t. HHH cut of Paul and said DX did this stuff better. Yeah im sure I never saw DX trash an office. HHH called them cowards for going to WWE HQ when they knew Hunter would be at RAW. Hunter finished by saying the Ring was his office.  Fuck this was awesome I love Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar.

Lame 6 Woman Tag: Kaitlyn speared AJ.

Sheamus and Henry Have A Heart To Heart: They both had words with each other. Basically they are having a match at the PPV.

Barrett LOOSES AGAIN: Sheamus beat him with the kick. Henry tried to get involved but he got the kick as well. After he recovered Henry destroyed Sheamus with a belt and then hit the WSS on Sheamus.


THE RYBACK VS THE KANE: This went for a while but RYBACK hit KANE with the SHELLSHOCK for the pin. The Shield came out but Bryan ran out to side with Ryback but he bailed leaving only Bryan but not for long as SUPERMAN I mean Cena came to his aide. Shield went to enter the ring but Ryback came back with a chair and ran off the Shield. But then Ryback used it on Cena.

Thoghts. The Highlight was Heyman and Lesnar. Once again it felt like everything was just there and nothing else really mattered.

RAW April 22 2013: RAW Is London

RAW opened with Paul Heyman in the ring with his Iphone. Heyman read a message from HHH saying he would accept the challenge next week. Heyman called him a coward which of course led to HHH coming out. He gave Heyman the pedigree and then accepted the match.
WWE Really Hates Antonio Cesaro: When your loosing to R-Truth week in and out they must really hate you. If he was loosing to R-Truth 2011 then sure it makes sense but fuck this is beyond a joke now.
The two fat fucks and their two whore dancers came out. Somone explain why Tensai till has the writing on his face when hes essentially back to the hip-hop hippo gimmick from 2002.
Sandow WINS: Damien Sandown thankfully won this match or I would be even more pissed off. The fans did some FANDANGOING during this match.
Fun With Team Ziggler: They showed Dolph winning the belt again. AJ and Dolph made fun of Kaitlyn for some reason. Team Brickie made a cameo so Vickie told Dolph he will be facing Chris Jericho again. I love Jericho and Dolph but fuck im really sick of them having matches together now. Basically if Jericho won he would be put into the 3 way match at the PPV making it a FOUR WAY.
They showed Punks promo from a week ago. Michael Cole put it over that no one had seen Punk in over a week. For the record Punk was at UFC On FOX this past weekend with Lita.
The Shield Still Rule: Shield cut a promo on the Undertaker building up the main event.
Jericho vs Ziggler 999,999,999: Ziggler won after the Zig-Zag. Yes Dolph won after hitting his finisher and getting a pin with no BS from AJ or Langston. The FANDANGO music played yet he didn’t come out so the crowd sang his song.
Mick Foley hates The Ryback: So Josh was asking Foley whats changed in WWE since the Attitude Era and hell I can name a lot of things that have changed. Basically Foley went on about how men don’t want to blame themselves.
Poor Cody Rhodes: Yeah Cody who this time a year ago with the IC champion is now loosing to TENSAI on RAW.
I Still Fucking Hate Team Hell NO: So Kane and Bryan were waiting for Undertaker to arrive which im sure he was already in the arena. Kane told Bryan not to hug Undertaker. Bryan told Kane to call Taker only for Kane to inform us that Taker doesn’t have a cell phone. I really want to see Undertaker walking around on an iPhone using TOUT. Shield then laid out Kane and Bryan who STILL ARE TAG CHAMPIONS.
The Ryback called out one Mick Foley.
No Wonder Zak Ryder Hates His Job: Ryder lost yet again to Langston. I could care less if Ryder is loosing matches.
THE UNDERTAKER IS WRESTLING ON RAW: For the first time I think since 2009. When Taker was put into this match I was thinking they may beat the Shield just cos its so rare when Taker wrestles outside of WrestleMania these days. But amazingly they had the Shield win. I would be happy if Taker got the pin as well but Shield is being booked so well.
John Cena tried to talk Foley out of his heart to heart with The Ryback.
WILLIAM REGAL IS BACK Oh and Here Is FANDANGO: Yes after so long. FANDANGO came out and the fans sang the song. Then REGAL made his return to RAW and the fans stopped singing when the sight of Regal made his entrance. FANDANGO won. This whole segment was so great just everything about it was fun.
Jericho beat up FANDANGO and then stalked the new dancer. Jericho asked her to dance and she agreed so they danced as the crowd continued to FANDANGO.
OH God AJ Won A Match: AJ won a divas battle royal which was awful. AJ did nothing in this match and won to get a diva title shot against KAITLYN of all people.
The Foley And The Ryback Have A Heart To Heart: Foley had a steel chair which was given to him by Cena. Foley asked where the 2012 Ryback had gone the man who wanted more and begged for nothing. Yeah I want that guy back just so I can see Stan Stansky. Basically Foley is sad Ryback is a whiner now and not this great man that he was a year ago.
Ryback actually said “Super Cena” so hes just playing to hardcores now. Cena rushed out after Foley and Ryback had a face off. Foley left so Cena and Ryback could do their shit. The Shield came out and Cena left the ring leaving Ryback alone. Ryback waited for a fight and then Cena came back in with his chair and cleaned house. Cena dropped his chair and then gave the AA to Ryback as the show ended.
Thoughts: This show was a lot better than last week. Maybe last week was weak cos that crowd could not care less. But this week we had a good crowd and some really fun segments on this weeks show.

WWE Raw April 15th 2013: WWE Hates Their Champions

After the greatness of last weeks post WrestleMania RAW the bloom was off the rose this week. WWE is back to doing shit no one cares about and burying their champions besides Cena in the process. Sounds like a fun show so lets get into it.

Sheamus and Orton vs Big Show: RAW began with an actual match this week which was something. So Orton and Sheamus are doing the 2-1 against Big Show. They hit both their finishers onto Show to get the win. Meh

3MB actually called out the Shield and I laughed my ass off

The Geeks Are Still Geeks: So 3MB called out the Shield cos they totally have a chance to beat these guys who have not lost a match. So BROCK LESNAR came out instead which was in all honesty better than seeing the Shield come out. So Brock killed the geeks with ease. This crowd was into Brock beating the shit out of these geeks and so was I.

Brock vs HHH One More Time: So Heyman took the mic and cut a promo. He said that Brock wants a fight with HHH well what was that we saw at Mania. Heyman continued and said he respected Hunter for what he was able to do to Brock at Mania. Brock did not agree with Heyman here. So Heyman challenged HHH to an Old Skool Cage Match and the group I talk to on Facebook all want the old Blue Bars if we are going old school.

WWE hates Cesaro and Failed Kofi Push 500: Yeah I have a lot to say about this. Cesaro lost the belt to Kofi and it makes me wonder what the fuck they are doing with Cesaro now cos hes certinally not getting a push up the card with the spot hes in now. Im getting sick of these stop/star pushes with Kofi either push him all the way or just give up on the guy its been 5 fucking years of this IC and US title nonsense. I really hated everything about this.

Backstage: Kofi told Josh he has just bought the US Title Home; Yeah sure cos for those who don’t know Kofi was born in Ghana who at one time pretended he was Jamaican. Yep he just oozes American Patriotism. 

Dolph Celebrates His World Title Win: Dolph came out with his Crew and yes I still fucking hate Aj with a burning passion. Dolph called his title win the greatest moment in RAW history and honestly its up there. Dolph says he showsoff better than anyone because hes better than everyone else. So He made out with AJ until Vickie came out. So Vickie said Del Rio is getting a match RIGHT NOW cos you know that makes sense.

Ziggler vs Del Rio: So before we had any form of match Swagger and Zeb came out. Zeb said Ziggler only won the title cos of Swagger. Del Rio and Swagger brawled with Swagger putting Del RIo in the ankle lock.

Backstage: Del Rio was being tended to by a trainer.

PTP vs Team Hell No 1000: Great another match ive seen 1000 times before. Same result Hell No won wow what shock. But hey they announced Team Hell No and Taker vs The Shield for next week which im down for.

Ryback explains his actions: Ryback got a video explaining his reasons for turining on Cena last week. His main reason was that Cena had a better WrestleMania than he did. Yes he beat up Cena last week cos He lost a match to Mark Henry cos he couldn’t hold Henry up for his finisher. Anyway Ryback then went through his history with Cena and that hes out for the WWE title. This was pretty great.

Another WWE Champion Looses: Yeah they beat Barrett this time to R FUCKING TRUTH. Yeah R-Truth who has done jack shit since 2011 pinned Wade Barrett. Do WWE hate Barrett and Cesaro cos they guys could be main eventing PPV shows in 6 months if booked right but instead they have to loose every fucking match they are in and Im fucking over it.

Backstage: Just to coninue my anger they had Teddy Long in a segment yeah I hate his gimmick to. He was with Vickie and Maddox. Yeah so Teddy decided he wanted to see Swagger and Dolph have a match tonight for whatever reason. Why the fuck is Teddy trying to get matches booked on RAW and what power does he even have in 2013.

Team Rhodes Scholars WIN A MATCH: Yes Cody and Sandow won a fucking match. Khali and Santinio just need to go away and never come back send them away and bring back William Regal to RAW.

No One Care For FANDANGO: After all the hype the past week about FANDANGO and the term Fandangoing this crowd did not care at all. It was note to me that he has a new dancer this week which I would never of guessed if it was not mentioned. FANDANGO asked if the crowd want to FANDANGO and they didn’t care. This was really bad after last week.

They anounced Sheamus and Orton vs Show and Henry for Smackdown. Will they finally turn Orton.

Cena was backstage and siad he had to go to the ring to meet Face To Face With The Ryback.

THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION LOST: Yep Ziggler is back to loosing matches after 1 week. Swagger won with a rollup just to further baffle me as to why WWE is just beating all of its champions tonight.

Del Rio came back to beat up Swagger again cos yeah haven’t seen that over the last 6 weeks. Oh and Del Rio put him in the armbreaker haven’t seen that either.

Punks Return: Punk made his return to address his loss to Taker. Punk said he always looked for the next challenge and bough up his matches with Rock and the match with Taker. Punk paused as the fans chanted for Taker and then Punk gave the mic to Heyman and walked out the arena. I don’t know were this is leading

Backstage: Booker yelled at Teddy for booking that damn match Hell I’d be yelling to. Booker made a Del Rio, Ziggler and Swagger 3 way match I assume for the PPV but he didn’t say a date.

Cena Meets Face To Face With The Ryback: Cena called out Ryback who did his entrance who got into Cenas face when he entered the ring and then talked like a normal man for this segment which was odd. There was a feed me more chant. The director fucked up and he showed the shield getting ready to make their entrance. Cena said Ryback wasn’t the biggest threat to the title cos NO ONE IS IN WWE. Cena continued and said Ryback had no Brains or Balls. Ryback just took all this while Lawler covered up the Directors fuck up. So they walked up face to face until Ryback bailed. THE SHIELD came out.

Ryback watched from the ramp as the Shield got in the ring and killed Cena. Michael Cole wondered why Ryback would not help Cena. Well Mr Cole, RYBACK HATES JOHN CENA. Shield hit the powerbomb on Cena to end the show.

Thoughts: This was the biggest departure from last weeks show. They killed all their champions to guys who have no business beating their champions. They did the Brock return well and that was the highlight of this show and nothing comes close.