WWE Raw July 15th 2013

RAW opened with new RAW GM Brad Maddox of course. He announced that Del Rio and Ziggler would face off in a re-match from the PPV. Cena then came out smiling like a jackass. Maddox gave Cena the power to pick his opponent for Summerslam cos why not. Cena being the fighting champion said this was stupid so Randy Orton came out. Orton teased cashing in his title shot before Summersalm. FANDANGO then came out and looked really out of place with Cena and Orton. FANDANGO begged Cena to pick him for Summerslam. Yeah that would be great. Orton attacked FANDANGO so they brawled and Maddox made a match between them.

Randy Orton vs FANDANGO: Randy Orton won with the RKO so no shock here.

Dolph was backstage and he was upset with AJ for costing him the title. Dolph broke up with her and AJ look like someone had died as the fans chanted YES.

Mark Henry was pimped out in another suit and said he was making no excuses about his loss at Summerslam. He also wanted John to pick for Summerslam. Shield came out. Henry yelled at them then took off his suit jacket and began to beat them up until the 3-1 advantage took control. They then gave him the Triple Power Bomb.

Maddox was on the phone to Mom when Jericho walked in. Maddox booked a 2001 RAW main event between Jericho and RVD.

Del Rio vs Dolph: AJ fucked over Dolph again well least this time she had a reason to. AJ rung the bell during the match when Dolph was in control. Match was restarted and Dolph lost his edge which led to Del Rio hitting the superkick for the win. After the match AJ slapped Dolph around and Langston ran down and killed Dolph. AJ kissed Dolph and left with Langston.

They showed a graphic for Cenas Summerslam opponent saying he could PICK ANYONE. Alex Riley was included maybe this will be the big chance for A-Ry

R-Truth came out doing his rapping shit again. Thankfully The Wyatt family came out and put us out of our misery. Bray then cut a promo. Truth got back up and had a chair. Bray offered him a free shot and Turth hesitated. Bryan attacked Truth.

WWEACTIVE POLL: Swagger and Cesaro vs either Usos, Two Fat Fucks or PTP

Swagger and Cesaro vs Usos: Well the Usos won for whatever reason. One of them pinned Cesaro.

Sandow vs Christian: Christian pinned Sandow. This baffles me seeing they just gave Sandow the MITB last night and hes still loosing. After the match Cody attacked Sandow

Diva Match: No one cared

Punk came out selling injuries from the ladder match. Punk called out Heyman and Lesnar. Heyman took credit for Punks rise and success because without Paul Heyman we don’t have CM Punk. Heyman then said Punk couldn’t beat Lesnar. Punk said he would hurt everyone in his way until he got to Heyman. Lesnar then came out and brawled with Punk. Punk kept getting back up and going after Lesnar until he couldn’t no more. Brock finished him off with the F5. Punk tried to get up but couldn’t. He refused medical assistance and walked out holding his neck.

Maddox was texting just like Johnny Ace used to in 2011. Then Cunty… I mean Stephanie came in. She asked him how his first night as GM was going. Hunter walked in. They tried to make him feel bad about letting Maddox give Cena power to pick his Summerslam opponent. They said that if Cena picked Bryan it would piss off Vince. They then wished him well.

RVD vs Jericho: RVD won his first RAW match since 2007 with the frog splash. This was fun.

The entire roster was out on the stage. Cena came out and teased picking his Summerslam opponent. He teased Heath Slater, Orton, RVD, Khali and Jericho. The crowd didn’t care they all knew he was picking Bryan and when he said Bryan the crowd chanted YES as did Bryan. Bryan got in Cenas face as RAW ended.



WreslteMania 29: PredictableMania 2013

wwewrestlemania29wallpaper_cominghome_800April 7th 2013 played host to WrestleMania 29 which will go down as the biggest drawing Wrestling show of all time. WWE announced an attendance of just over 80,000 which beats out their legit number for WrestleMania III of 78,000 in 1987. The show was very predictable in who won and lost mathces on the card. The most obvious being John Cena regaining the WWE title and getting redemption for his loss to The Rock from last years WrestleMania.

The Pre Show: So the extended pre-show really didn’t add much besides some hype for matches on the show. They did a backstage segment with Miz and Snooki, Miz called her a MILF during their interaction. To fans delight Jim Ross was present on the pre-show I guess so annoying marks can’t cry about him not being involved with Mania.

Intercontinetal Title, Wade Barrett vs The Miz: Miz won the IC title with the Figure Four Leglock. I think its better Barrett lost the title cos it was doing nothing for him and since he won it he was just lost in the shuffle. Hopefully now Barrett can advance up the card. Miz at this point is just a Jericho level act who can go to and from the main event and be a high midcard mainstay.

Openning Video Package: New Jersey Governor Chirs Christie opened the show putting over the recovery after Hurricane Sandy last fall. He then welcomed the people to the land he loved and welcomed everyone to WrestleMania

Michael Cole welcomed us to WrestleMania as the P.Diddy song played as the National Guard came out with US flags.

The Shield vs Randy Orton, Big Show and Sheamus: This was the weakest of the matches The Shield has been in on PPV. Match was ok but didn’t get good until the end. Randy Orton played the babyface making the hot tag. Orton hit an RKO onto Rollins who came off the top rope which is always a great spot. Orton was speared by Reigns as Ambrose got the pin. So they didn’t feed the Shield to Orton and Sheamus which made me glad. We didn’t get the much talked about Randy Orton heel turn. Instead we got another Big Show heel turn who hit the KO punch on both Sheamus and Orton. I knew Show would do a turn but its just old seeing Show turn heel all the time.

They Showed a Rock/Cena Video Package

They then showed Snooki with her Boyfirend or Husband. I have no idea if shes married cos I have no desire to watch Jersey Shore.

Mark Henry vs The Ryback: Henry came out and we got a recap of the bench press segment from Smackdown. This was not good at all. I was looking forward to this but it just did not come off good. Ryback had Henry on his shoulders but lost his balance so Henry fell on him and got the pin. I guess they didn’t want to beat Ryback clean with the WSS or something. After the match Ryback gave Henry the Shellshock which was meant to get the crowd going but it didn’t.

So we get to the announcers who are playing with some WWE Action Figures from Mattel. They then plug the 2014 Special Olympics. Cut to Officials from the Special Olympics with Stephanie McMahon and Chris Christie.

We got a promo for a contest to win tickets to Mania 30 next year.

WWE Tag Team Titles: Team Hell No vs Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston: This was really rushed. It was clear had little time and wanted to get a lot of stuff in the match. AJ threw the case into Ziggler who tried to hit Kane with it but he ducked. Kane gave the big boot Langston. Kane chokelsmaed Ziggler as Bryan did the diving headbutt to pin Ziggler. I really thought they would end the Team Hell No thing here seeing this is the biggest show of the year and its meant to end all the angles going into the show but we still have the same tag champs. After the match Bryan led a huge YES chant.

We got a John Cena Make A Wish Video. So Yeah he aint turning heel.

Chris Jericho vs FANDANGO: They gave Fandango quite the entrance with all these dancers dancing until Fandango came out dancing with a girl. Jericho got a huge pop and a firework display. This was good because of Chris Jericho, FANDANGO was not good but it was still a good match cos Jericho carried him. Jericho got cut open hard-way during the match. Finish saw Jericho got for the lionsault as FANDANGO had the knees ready to counter so Jericho overshot the move to avoid the knees. Jericho then went for the Walls Of Jericho which FANDANGO blocked and pinned Jericho with an inside cradle.

We then got a video package with the most hand picked good looking kids and adults. The idea here is that they are one of the millions of WWE fans. The whole idea is so that WWE can try convince people that wrestling fans aren’t all overweight rednecks.

After that embarrassment we got a great package on all the great Mania moments. This was so good and why WWE is the best at what they do cos these packages just make you want to watch WWE more than any other company.

This video was used to introduce P. Diddy to the fans. I think they were trying to tell us that Diddy will be a great Mania moment which is hard to believe.

World Heavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger, This was ok just no that exciting. They did a lot of trading between the ankle lock and arm bar. The finish saw Zeb kick out Ricardo’s crutch. Del Rio went after Zeb while Swagger jumped Del RIo on the floor. When they got back to the ring Del Rio put on the arm bar and got the win. No Ziggler cash in just Del Rio wining clean with the arm bar.

Undertaker vs CM Punk: He did it again. For the 6th year in a row Undertaker gave us Match Of The Night and hell its more impressive every year considering he gets a year older and is more and more banged up also working with Punk will help. Taker looked bigger than he has in sometime but was still billed as 300 pounds. The crowd came alive when Taker went for the Last Ride and Punk hit Taker with the Urn which Taker kicked out of. I guess this the same as Taker kicking out of the tombstone that HHH gave him in 2011. We saw a lot of trading off between Tombstone and GTS attempts and Punk never hit the GTS in this match. Taker got out of a GTS and got Punk into the tombstone and hit it for the pin and to go 21-0. After the match Taker took the urn back and did his salute to the urn which was a nice tribute to Paul Bearer and it looked like Take was tearing up when he did this. Taker left as the flames went off and 21-0 was on the screen like it is every year.

Cena/Rock Promo

No Holds Barred; Triple H vs Brock Lesnar, This was really good but it did not come off as good if you heard the crowd. This crowd did not care for this match. Brock and HHH killed each other. HBK kicked Heyman, Brock gave HBK an F-5, HHH and Brock traded trying to do the kimura lock. HHH hit Brock with the sledgehammer then hit a pedigree on the steel steps to get the win. Much like with the Cena loss with Brock last year they didn’t just beat him it took a lot of punishment for him to go down. After the match HHH and Shawn hugged and HHH did his posing routine. As much as I am a fan of Hunter I just didn’t care he won this match.

Hall Of Fame Highlights: They showed footage from the ceremony which if you haven’t read about you have to cos it sounds like a great show and is a must see for when the DVD is out. Then the 2013 HOF class came out with Bruno getting his own music cos hes the headliner. Crowd gave them a nice applause.

Justin Roberts announced the crowd of 80,676

WWE Title: The Rock vs John Cena, In theory another year of build led to this. This was much better than the match from 2012. They did a lot of trading finishers mainly the AA and Rock Bottom. Rock went for a Rock Bottom which was countered by Cena into an AA for the pin. The crowd didn’t care I guess cos they knew Cena was winning and no one cares if he wins the title anymore. Rock left the ring and hugged his family at ringside. Cena and Rock posed on the stage and rose each others arm with Rock pointing at Cena basically cementing Cena and his legacy which is BS cos Cenas legacy was well cemented before this Rock stuff began. The fans hated this posing shit with Rock and Cena as they would. This was meant to be the big moment of the show but I doubt WWE uses it cos of all the booing it got from the live crowd.

Thoughts: This was way to predictable. All the major matches had predictable outcomes the Taker match aside. It was cemented weeks ago on TV that HHH was not loosing cos he never really seemed to care that if he lost he would be gone. Cena was winning no matter what happened. This show had no bad matches but it was that they had no reaction from the crowd for the most part. I know there has been complaints about the set making it hard for fans to see the action which is why the crowd was so quiet. Other than that it was an ok show with the 3 main events really being the best thing about the show with a meh under-card.

Wrestlemania 29 Preivew: Biggest Money Show Of All Time

wwewrestlemania29wallpaper_cominghome_8003 days until the biggest pro wrestling show of the year takes place. WWE will hold Wrestlemania 29 on April 7th at Giant Stadium in New Jersey. The Rock and John Cena will headline the show for the 2nd straight year which is only the second time in history that WWE they will do the same main event in back to back years (The First was Bret Hart vs Yokozuna at WrestleMania 9 and 10 in 93 and 94). It is expected that 70,000 fans will attend the show which is a sell out. WWE plans to put more tickets on sale after the set is completed. The show will draw $11 Million which will break the record of $8.2 Million set at lasts years Wrestlemania. In the end WrestleMania 29 will be in the top 4 attended shows in the history of WWE trailing only Summerslam 92, WrestleMania III and WrestleMania 23.

Besides the WrestleMania event WWE will hold its fan fest dubbed Axxess which fans can see original costumes and props from the comapnys history. Also at the Axxess event fans can meet past and present Wrestlers though the top stars such as Cena, Punk, HHH etc are only avalible through a VIP package. Also WWE will hold its annual Hall of Fame cermony from Maddison Square Garden which I previewed in a post a few weeks back.

Pre-Show: Unlike other WWE Pre-Shows within the last year WWE will present an hour long show on their youtube page and WWE.com. The one match officialy announced for the pre-show is Miz vs Wade Barrett with the IC Title currently held by Barrett on the line. Here I see Miz winning the belt to get the show off to a good start by having a babyface win a belt to set the tone of the night. Ever since Barrett won the belt he has been very weak in terms of how he has been used by WWE. I think there is more upside in Miz being a holder of a mid card title than Barrett who can be pushed to a main event spot within months if he is booked right. Besides the match I can see WWE doing some comedy segements with the likes of Santino and Yoshi Tatsu so they get on the show and get the WrestleMania pay day.

Main Show: (1) Tons of Fun with Cameron and Naomi vs Rhodes Schollars with The Bella Twins: 8 man match just to get people on the show. Much like the pre-show I see the faces winning to kick the main show off to a good start. Even though there is more upside in Rhodes and Sandow in the long term than Brodus Clay and Tensai none of that matters when its WrestleMania were the goal is to have faces go over the heels to conclude angles. This will proably be the weakest match on the show.

(2) Chris Jericho vs FANDANGO: After weeks of teasing his debut FANDANGO will finally make his in-ring debut on WWE TV. FANDANGO should win beacuse of Jericho wanting to put talent over to set the next era of WWE ready for the future. At this point there is very little that can effect Jericho and his spot and how over he is with fans so a loss here is not going to kill his momentum.

wwewrestlemania29wallpaper_tagteamchampionship_800(3) WWE Tag Titles: Team Hell No vs Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston (With AJ Lee) I see this a heel win. Hell No have been champions since Night Of Champions and that show happened in late September. Despite the length Hell No run they haven’t really built a tag division around them rather than just use the tag belts as a prop in the ever running Kane/Bryan angle. Ziggler and Langston could be a modern day Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash duo with Ziggler as the cocky heel who thinks hes better than everyone and Langston as the Big Bodyguard who just interferes in matches and can take care of business when needed to. But none of these men matter as much as the use of AJ in this match. Iv’e never been a fan of the AJ push but I think shes going to play a role in the finish judging from her past history with both Daniel Bryan and Kane throughout 2012. Winners: Ziggler and Langston

Mark Henry vs Ryback: This could be pretty good or very bad depending on how much time WWE gives this. If they get about 10 minutes this could be a good big man match. The future is sadly in Ryback rather than Henry. Ryback needs a win after a bad run of results on PPV since his loss to CM Punk at Hell In A Cell in October. Henry who has been so great since they turned him heel in 2011 and began the Hall of Pain gimmick. The idea of these two huge men just going into this wanting to kill each other is great and the build of them trying to up the other with feats of stength has been great also. I see Ryback getting the win.

wrestlemania-29-shield-bigshow-sheamus-orton-wallpaper-previewThe Shield vs Randy Orton, Sheaus and Big Show: The whole purpose of this match is to get Orton back as a heel. In recent weeks they have really been playing up Orton as the babyface to make his turn seem huge. Orton has been rallying for a heel turn for months and turning him here as he screws Sheamus and gives the Shield the win. Shield gets the win.

wm29_albertodelrio_jackswagger_800x600World Heavyweight Title: Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger: This can go either way. Del RIo has been very meh as a face since he turned. Swagger has been really great since they bought him back with this new gimmick. This could be a match that little care about. Del Rio will retain here and I can see Ziggler cashing in his MITB title shot to win the belt and possibly set up a 3 way feud between Swagger, Ziggler and Del Rio going forward.

wwewrestlemania29wallpaper_brock-lesnarvstripleh_800Triple H vs Brock Lesnar; Unlike Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker in 2010 when they really built up the fact Shawn could very well retire this has been the total opposite. Triple H is in no jeprody of losing this match hes just been postioned to strong in the feud to be in any trouble of losing to Lesnar. The idea they have HHH look so strong is just random seeing they are booking a carer match and HHH doesn’t really seem to care that if he looses his WWE carer is over. Going forward Lesnar should win judging from the plans for WrestleMania 30 for 2014. But this is WWE and HHH is a top ranked person in how the company is run so he is pretty much doing this feud on his own terms rather than the lower matches on the card. As much as I hate to say it HHH wins when he and Michaels do the old DX double finish on Lesnar.

wrestlemania-29-cm-punk-undertaker-wallpaper-previewCM Punk vs The Undertaker: This build has been very poor going from the last few Undertkaer Mania matches. I don’t think WWE had a clear idea on where to go with this feud before the death of Paul Bearer several weeks ago. The feud has been pushed on Undertaker getting revenge on Punk for mocking the death of Bearer which just screams lazy booking. Taker is winning no question or dobut about it. The question is how good is the match going to be. I remember Punk and Taker worked a series of matches in the fall of 2009 and they weren’t good. Im not saying they were bad but considering the level of worker both men are they just weren’t that good. But back then Punk was in the shitter with WWE for his choice of clothing while on tour the matches were bascially squash matches with Taker beating Punk. Now Punk is higher on the todempole so I see this being a lot better. But Taker is bangded up bad and even with the year off he is still quite banged up. None the less Taker just gives it his all at Mania and since 2007 he has given Match of The Night or in some cases Year performances. 21-0

wwewrestlemania29wallpaper_therockvsjohncenaii_800WWE Title: John Cena vs The Rock: This is the the match the show is built on. Unlike last year when we had a year build we have a road to redemption. The idea is that when Cena lost to the Rock last year his whole life turned around and they have hinted to his loss to Rock leading to his real life divorce which is just laughable. The whole story has been Cena needed to avenge that loss and I guess that none of his carer means anything besides this win which is funny cos they make it seem Cena has never won the belt before with him going I need the title even though hes held it like 12 times which is the record for WWE title reigns. Rock on the otherhand hasn’t been as great as he was a year ago due to the fact he hasn’t been around as much as he was a year ago. Cena on the other hand has been a lot better in how hes taking this match. Last year he was just crying that Rock never showed up after he said he was never leaving again following his return to WWE in 2011. This year he is more determained to get his win and reclaim his title. During the debate segment on the March 25th Raw they really hinted a Cena heel turn where WWE played the 2001 Steve Austin card with him saying he needed to beat Rock which is what Austin said to Rock prior to their Mania match and Austin did turn heel aligning with Vince McMahon to get the WWE title back. If they do infact go with the Cena heel turn they need to do something where he just cuts a promo on the fans the next night on RAW about them booing him and that hes over it. Unlike the 2001 Austin turn they can’t align him with a heel authority figure because none of them are effectve as McMahon was back then. Either way Cena is walking out with the WWE Championship its been a year in the making and it sets up their final match for either Extreme Rules or SummerSlam.

Full Card Predictions

Pre-Show, Miz beats Wade Barrett for the IC Title

Main Show (1) Tons of Funk def Rhodes Scholars

(2) FANDANGO def Chris Jericho

(3) WWE Tag Team Titles: Ziggler and Langston def Team Hell No

(4) Ryback def Mark Henry

(5) The Shield def Randy Orton, Big Show and Sheamus

(6) World Heavyweight Championship: Del Rio def Swagger

(7) Triple H def Brock Lesnar

(8) The Undertaker def CM Punk

(9) WWE Championship: John Cena def The Rock