Raw June 17th 2013: Time For Some Punk Brock

Show opened up with new World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. Bit odd seeing someone other than HHH, Vince or Stephanie open the show after the past few weeks. Del Rio called himself Superman which may anger some people cos we already have a Superman in WWE and it aint you. He then talked about how he won the title and how Ziggler did the same to him the night after WrestleMania. I don’t see any connection to these two events but thats what were going with here. He then trashed the fans for cheering for Ziggler when Ziggler cashed in his title shot the night after Mania. He then said America is full of Pigs and Cowards. Nice heel promo here.

CM Punk then came out with Paul Heyman. Punk took offense to Del Rio calling himself the best cos we all know Punk is The Best In The World so Punk challenged him to  a match. Heyman butted in saying his clients don’t work for free and Punk looked at Heyman. For those that don’t know Punk and Heyman are just friends and Punk is no client of his. Del Rio turned down Punks challenge. Its clear Punk is turning face as we would see later in the night.

Vickie came out and then basically made the match official.

They announced Orton vs Bryan for later in the show.

Punk told Heyman that he don’t need him to win matches. He said Heyman is no longer welcome at ringside for his matches.

Wade Barrett was meant to face Curtis Axel but Vickie said he would face CHRISTIAN who found his way back to WWE.

Wade Barrett vs Christian: Christian won with the killswitch. Quick little match that establishes Christian after being gone for so long. Barrett continues to be misused.

SHEAMUS LOOSES: Well when this came up I figured the Celtic Warrior would go on his merry way and beat two men at once and Boy was I wrong. Sandow got his win back from the previous night after Sandow got a schoolboy. Sheamus killed them for the entire match though. Oh the benefits of being buddies with Triple H.

#WWEAPP: Stip for Orton/Bryan, NODQ, No Count Out or 2 Out Of 3 Falls.

RVD is returning for One PPV Show In JULY

Vickie and Maddox were asking what Hunter thought of the Main Event. Why would they care what Hunter would think does he need to approve all Main Events now. He loved the idea and then questioned them what the main event would be if Punk didn’t decide to confront Del Rio. She had no response and changed the topic to Christian. Vickie and Maddox tired to take credit for RVD coming back (P.S He Was At The WWE Hall Of Fame) Anyway Triple H told Vickie to cut off the Shield tonight and make a stand. You Never Know Hunter match decide to beat them all 1 after the other. Hunter then joked about how great it was 3MB got booked yeah exactly.

Hell No Is Finally Dead: Kane confronted Bryan. Bryan said he can’t be part of a team and he needs to be part of Team DB. He said he needs the WWE title. Kane said the same. God help us if Kane wrestles for the WWE title in 2013.

WWE App: Orton called Bryan the weak link and blamed them for the loss on the PPV. Well I wish we could blame Orton.

Brayn vs Orton: NO DQ won the poll. They wrestled for awhile. The main story was Bryan never wanted to quit after the beating he took. They stopped the match due to Bryan and his injured ribs. Orton was given the win and Bryan looked depressed and I don’t blame Im sure most of the people who wrestle Orton have that look. Orton went over to Bryan extended his hand and Bryan grabbed. They then hugged and walked out together. The end made no sense.

AJ came out I then proceeded to groan. She said her Ziggy would share the spotlight with her “The Greatest Diva Champion Ever” She then called out any woman who could be compared. Well Stephanie came out. Normally id be relived to see Stephanie McMahon on TV but recently I could care less. Steph called out AJ for degrading women for her actions against Kaitlyn. She agreed and said instead of dating Superstars she’ll just Marry one. OHHHH BURN. Stephanie said no one does crazy like the McMahons. Yeah go back and watch 2000-2003 WWE and relive all the crazy moments. Kaitlyn came out with other women and I could care less about all 6 of them. Steph walked up to Kaitlyn cut off her mic and told her to not interrupt her again. Can we just announce that the McMahons are heels again. After that Kaitlyn walked to the ring she then went on about how AJ humiliated her. Kaitlyn then attacked her until Big E pulled AJ away.

Dean Ambrose vs  Kane: DQ finish after the Shield beat up Kane. Even after Hunters advice no one helped Kane.

Mark Henry was backstage in quite the suit. He was with The Prime Time Player and Tamina who still has a job. Darren Young was crying.

Vickie reminded the Shield that shes the boss. Ambrose wondered what she could do to them. Vince came in and greeted the Shield. He told them to keep up the good work.

William Regal vs Antonio Cesaro: I’ll always love seeing Regal on TV. Cesaro was introduced as Zeb Coulters new guy. Maybe this will help out Cesaro. Cesaro beat Regal quick with a sleeper hold ad Neutralizer.

John Cena then came out and did the same bullshit he talks about every week. You Hate Me but I love You. He said hes looking forward to Money In The Bank and awaiting his next challenger. Mark Henrys suit walked out. John went to leave but Henry told him to stay. So Henry went into his “retirement speech” about how hed been successful ( I guess successful is getting injured during ever major push you have had). He said his one regret was never winning the WWE Title. Cena walked up to him and raised his arm only for Henry to slam Cena as the crowd went crazy. Henry took off his jacked screaming hes got more in the tank.

Rene Young asked Henry what happened. He called the people puppets and challenged Cena for the title.

Chris Jericho vs Heath Slater: Chris Jericho won in an epic back and forth match. Nah not really he won quickly with the codebreaker and then beat up 3MB.

Matt Striker asked Heyman his thoughts on Punks comments earlier. Heyman turned the talk to Axel.

Curtis Axel vs Sin Cara: Sin Cara has his stupid lighting back again. Axel won with a body scissor DDT.

Dean Ambrose vs Daniel Bryan is on Smackdown

Vickie and Maddox were confronted by the McMahons. Vince said they were doing a great job. Vince asked what she plans to do about Henry. She then made Henry vs Cena official. Vince approved of this. Stephanie asked why Vickie was allowing the show to get out of hand. At one point she said the show was a disaster which is so much funnier if you hear what goes on during the show. Hunter wondered why Vickie didn’t make an example out of the Shield. So Hunter told Vickie to Listen to Him while Vince said listen to him. Basically they both think they are right to run the show. They both left and Steph said to listen to her. Just turn heel already for fuck sake.

Heyman ran up to Punk before his match and told him he loved him. Well something is going down.

CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio: Long back and forth match and this one is no joke. Punk hit the GTS but Del Rio got out of the ring. Del Rio walked out meaning Punk won by count out. Dolph ran out and attacked Del Rio and Ricardo. Then BROCK came out as Punk looked at him confused. Brock circled Punk and then took a mic but then gave the F5 to PUNK. Brock smiled as the show ended.

Overall: Great show for setting up futrue stuff. Henry was great in his segment with Cena. Punk/Brock is a shoe in for Summerslam. Bryan is now on his road to the WWE title. And the McMahons look to be on TV for the foreseeable future now.


WWE Payback June 16th 2013

WWE held its 5 PPV of the year from the All-State Arena in Chicago Illinois. The show was built around not only return of CM Punk who had been absent since WrestleMania XXIX but the return of the 3 Stages Of Hell Match between John Cena and Ryback for the WWE Championship. Once again WWE changed a match result in fear of the show becoming predictable with Alberto Del Rio winning back the World Heavyweight Championship from Dolph Ziggler in a math that resembled the famed “Double Turn” seen during the WrestleMania 13 match between Bret Hart and Steve Austin in the same building back in 1997.

Pre-Show: Sheamus defeated Damien Sandow: They had a good little 10 minute match with Sheamus winning with the Brouge Kick. Pretty predictable start here but honestly did anyone think Sandow would get a upset win over Sheamus.

(1) Curtis Axel defeated Wade Barrett and The Miz: Curtis Axel won a good triple threat with lots of near falls and saves after pinning Barrett before he tapped to the Figure Four leg lock from Miz. Axel was the only choice to win here as Miz is just a guy in the midcard now and Barrett needed the belt off of him so they can actually try and push him up the card. Axel is a newer act who in the last month has been positioned weird in the fact hes been in matches with Cena and HHH but not gotten clean wins. They played it up big about him winning the title on fathers day seeing that he is the son of Curt Hennig who was IC Champion back in 1990. After the match Axel and Heyman ran into HHH and they had a face off. Vince then came in and more or less made HHH/Axel 6 I think were up to now but Hunter still wont wrestle him.

(2) AJ Lee defeated Kaitlyn: AJ won the divas title after a solid match for the WWE divas. It was quick but you don’t need the divas to wrestle for 10 minutes. This wasn’t as good as the Knockouts Match from the TNA PPV earlier this month but still better than most WWE Diva matches. Kaitlyn went for the spear but stalled and mocked AJ but blowing her a kiss. AJ kicked out the spear and hit the Black Widow or Inoki Octopuss submission. They played it up that Kaitlyn was having a nervous breakdwon or something after the match with her crying in the ring. Backstage all the babyface women consoled her.

(3) Dean Ambrose Count Win over Kane: This was just a match. Ambrose hit the Headlock DDT after Kane cleared the spanish announce table. The crowd booed the count out finish which in Chicago WWE should of known better.

(4) Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler: Ziggler played total babyface here and they played up the concussion with Del Rio kicking him in the head getting heat. They tried to have the match stopped but Ziggler wanted to fight on. Del Rio hit the superkick to get the win even though he played “heel” throughout the match he got a pop from the fans. Thankfully WWE realized Del RIo was not a good face and they decided Ziggler should be in that spot cos he comes off as such a more likeable guy over Del Rio. Del Rio then did an interview saying he gives 100% for the fans and all that jazz as they booed him pretty heavily.

(5) CM Punk defeated Chris Jericho: This was so awesome. At the moment this is the best match WWE has done all year just edging out the Taker/Punk match from Mania. These guys stole the show. Punk played total babyface here with Jericho playing heel. Punk won after hitting 2 GTS. Go see this match.

(6) The Shield defeated Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan: These guys got screwed over when it comes to time. They had a good match considering the time they had but it wasn’t as good as their TV matches. They didn’t do much in the sense of Bryan/Orton the only spot being Bryan hitting a tope on Orton after Reigns shoved Rollins out the way. Reigns speared Bryan which lead to an RKO from Orton that led to the Curb Stomp from Rollins to Bryan for the pin. Yes they pinned the man who is meant to face Cena for the title next month and not Orton who is still just a guy. Anyway Orton gave Bryan the RKO after the match,

(7) John Cena defeated Ryback: 3 falls so lets get going

Fall 1: Ryback won the lumberjack match with the Shellshock. Cena dove out onto the lumberjacks at one point and it was a nice spot.

Fall 2: Cena won the tables match after Ryback went for the Shellshock with Cena reversing it into the Attitude Adjustment.

Fall 3: Cena won after hitting the Attitude Adjustment on top of the ambulance with Ryback going through the roof thus ending the mach.

This wasn’t to the callibar of the Austin/HHH 3 Stages of Hell from 2001 or the HHH/HBK one from 2002 but was better than the mess Orton and HHH in 2009. It was a fine Main Event and did it’s job ending the Cena/Ryback angle.

Overall: A really good show with a lot of good wrestling. Jericho and Punk is the stand out match on this show by far. The rest was ok to good.

PS4 and DRM

Ever since Sony announced its stance on DRM and use of used games on its PS4 system it has either got a lot of people to go ahead and pre-order the console or have people try make fake facts and try put the PS4 into the same boat as the Xbox One. Essentially what we have with the PS4 is similar to what we have experienced since the 360 and PS3 were released in that all first party titles released by Sony so for example a 4th Uncharted game will have no restrictions on it online if you were to buy it used from Gamestop, EB Games or Online. But Sony have left the door open to 3rd party developers so EA, Activision, Take-Two etc to implement their own form of DRM. So over the last few years we have seen the likes of Online-Passes from EA which makes the user input an online code to access online features for the game. EA announced that it would be phasing out the Online Pass feature and it is unknown whether it will add a new form of lock out to online features such as a fee but Online Passes are gone as Sony banned them from having an effect on their system. So what does this mean for used games well it means what it means now you can buy whatever game used and play offline all you like cos they can’t lockout that for you so yes Jack Trenton was right in that you can play any game on a PS4 with no restrictions or any online check in. The issue comes with 3rd party and their decision to add or not add any form of DRM to their games.

E3 2013 Day One: PS4 just Won

I guess we can sum up E3 Day One as the moment PS4 killed Xbox One. Sony during its conference confirmed they will not have any DRM to authenticate the system or game you are playing. They also confirmed that used games will be able to be played on the system without any extra fees. When Sony announced these it was like they were mocking Microsoft and I bet they were just cos they know this is their big edge in the console war for the 8th generation of gaming.

Unlike the PS3 launch when they over priced their system mainly due to the addition of Blu-Ray rather than just regular DVD. With a $399 USD launch price compared $499 USD for Xbox One only more due to the mandatory shipping with Kinnect. Now 7 years after they launched with Blu-Ray its become more common for use in Home Media.

Overall it looks like Sony is headed back to its former dominance it held with the PS1 and PS2.

RAW Is Still McMahon Family Pt 2 June 10th 2013

So once again RAW was mainly built around the McMahon family. Its like they want to go back to 2000 when they were all over TV doing 30 minute segments.

HHH vs Axel II: So Raw did start off with Axel vs HHH. So after they had a little match Vince came out and did a Montreal and forced the timekeeper to ring the bell. Justin Roberts announced HHH lost by DQ. Vince left so Hunter restarted the match again which once again bought out Vince. This time they announced Axel the winner due to forefit. HHH tried to restart this as a 60 Minute Iron Man match and my god that would of been something to see. Vince stopped it and took the micropohone and ring bell to the back. So Curtis Axel now has 3 wins over HHH and none by pinfall way to go.

More McMahon Bullshit: HHH was yelling at Steph about Vinces actions. Steph cried yes she cried to Hunter about the grandfather that is Vince McMahon. She then told him to not hurt Vince.

Kane vs Ambrose: I take it Team Hell No is dead so CELEBRATION. Anyway Shield got involved after Kane hit the chokeslam. Orton and Bryan came out to help.

They announced Sheamus vs Sandow for the Pre-Show on Yahoo, The App and WWE.com


Backstage Kane was a voice of reason between Orton and Bryan. Bryan made fun of Orton while Orton called him weak. Vickie came in and announced Orton and Bryan vs The Shield for the tag titles at the PPV. Kane was pissed so Vickie offered him a US title match on the PPV so he hugged Vickie.

Miz vs Cody: Even though they wreslted on the Pre-Show for the last PPV here we are and once again Miz won with the figure four. After the match Heyman came out and announced Curtis Axel will be in the IC title match at the PPV making it a triple threat.

Mark Henry is back next monday

More Crap with Stephanie and Vince

Jericho came out to trash talk Punk. Ziggler who is back came out with his lame posse. Ziggler put Big E in a match with Jericho. So the never ending Del Rio/Langston series is over I take it.

Langston vs Jericho: Jericho pinned Langston after the Codbreaker. Ziggler tried to intefeare but Del Rio ran out and attcked him.

The Miracle of The Night: CESARO won a match againt Sin Cara so not a big deal but he won.

Replay of last weeks Wyatt Family Promo. These guys need to get on TV fast.

Backstage Maddox impressed Vince with an idea for the Cena/Ryback segment later tonight. We then got a plug for Carls Jr with Vickie eating a burger.

Orton vs Reigns:  No contest after Rollins intefeared.

Bryan vs Rollins; Once again ROH on RAW. Danielson and Black had a great match with Danielson winning with the small package.

Kaitlyn was making her way to the ring to reveal who her admirer was.

BIG E IS THE ADMIRER: So Langston was dressed up and had Flowers. Kaitlyn looked confused. Langston said he cared about more than just beating people up. Langston went to Kiss Kaitlyn and he dipped her but he dropped her. This whole thing was a joke by Langston and AJ. AJ said this was because she was used by men last year after Kaitlyn ditched her or something.

They aired a new Wyatt Family Promo

Sandow vs Truth: Im still shocked R-Truth has a job at this point. Sandow won just so he can look strong going into his loss against Shemaus.

Stephanie was looking for Vince. She got some random to get him. She then got another Random to get Triple H.

McMahon Family Continued: Well the McMahon saga continued. Vince said Hunter was too good and too strong to face Axel so thats great. Vince then said HHH should be bigger than a legend and bigger than a match with Axel. After all that he then offered Hunter his match. Hunter said Vince was right and turned the match down. Vince now wanted to see the match. They argued about it. Steph made them have a group hug this led to a YES chant.

The Cena/Ryback Faceoff: Ryback was on the stage and Cena in the ring. The ring was surrounded by the jobbers. Ryback is going to take Cenas spot but Cena said Payback is a bitch you see what he did there. He tried to get to the Ryback but them jobbers kept pushing him back into the ring. Ryback then ran into the Ring so what was the point of them pushing Cena into the ring. They brawled as the jobbers tried to break them up.


RAW Is McMahon Family Or How We Tried To Beat Game 7 and Lebron June 3rd 2013

Long McMahon Family Promo Like 2000: RAW opened with Stephanie McMahon making her one annual appearance. She basically said Hunter wasn’t going to wrestle tonight. She said Curtis Axel was beneth him and I facepalmed. She got booed for cancelling Hunters match. She said it was for her husbands well being and then asked the crowd to not be selfish.

Vince came out at this point. Vince acted like a face until he got in to heel mode with his daughter. He asked the crowd to not boo her and said she was right in her decision to cancel the match. He then also said Axel was benneth the almighty HHH. Then things looked to get interesting when THE SHIELD came out but the bastards cut to commercial. Upon the return from commercial they showed us what happened on the App and well Vince and Steph just left and I said WHAT A FUCKING RIPOFF.

Team Hell No and Orton vs The Shield: Ambrose got the pin on Bryan after hitting the headlock DDT. This was a good match and Bryan really goes all out in these matches with the Shield which are really becoming the highlight of RAW these days. This was great shame it all went downhill quickly.

Punk and Jericho will sign their contract for their match at the PPV tonight.

Backstage: Bryan was yelling at that cunt Randy Orton so good for Bryan. Orton tried to get him to calm down Bryan said Orton thought he was the weak link as well but Orton denied this claim. Bryan said he would wrestle again tonight and prove hes not the weak link.

HHH Arives: Well God…. I mean HHH arrived late and went looking for Vince. He then found Vince and Steph and asked what was going on. So Vince then said Axel was really good even though earlier he said Axel was beneth Hunter. Anyway Vince told Hunter to consider not doing the match. Hunter said hes wrestling and asked who would stop him. At this moment I thought oh god they are going to bring out his kids to convince him.

TIme To Check Out The Heat Game: Usos beat Prime Time Players as I assume hundreds of thousands of viewers tuned into TNT to watch Game 7 at this moment.

Langston/Del RIo 5: Well Del Rio once again got his win back and im sure Langston will win match #6 on Smackdown just so no one gets over.

Speaking Of Over Heres Another Sheamus Squash: Sheamus beat Cody for I think the 1000th time with the kick. Sandow was on commentary trying to get people to care about this mess. After the match Sheamus punched out Snadow yep remeber Kids To Be A Star.

Hunter and Steph were arguing man it really felt like 2000 again. Anyway Hunter left and told Steph next week hes wrestling Axel.

They then recapped The Ryback killing Kofi on Smackdown.

Bryan was then pacing bakstage and ran into THE RYBACK. THE RYBACK called him the weak link. So heres our 2nd Bryan match for the night.

Heyman and Axel met with Vince. Vince said Axel would not wrestle Hunter next week. He then made A Cena/Axel rematch in a no dq match.

FANDANGO vs KHALI: Well time to check the Heat game again. By the way FANDANGO walked out the match. Miz came out on the ramp and Barrett gave him the elbow thing.

Miz vs Barrett: Miz then beat Barrett with the Figure Four. Why the fuck is Miz using that move I mean Buddy Rogers to Flair then to Miz its just not right. I think Miz has no idea who Buddy Rogers is anyway. Also Barrett is just dead in the water.

Contract Signing: Punk did not show up. Heyman signed the contract for Punk. Jericho then signed after Heymn asked him if he wanted to face Punk in Chicago. By the way they wrestled in Chicago last year at Extreme Rules. Jericho then said he would wrestle Punk anywhere including Hartford which got a pop. Jericho then stuffed the contract into Heymans pants yep time to watch The Heat again.

Speaking of The Heat they did a divas match which im sure no one cared for.

They aried a new Wyatt Family Promo.

The Ryback vs Daniel Bryan: Bryan gave Ryback arguably the best match hes ever had. Ryback powerbombed Bryan through a tabled causing the DQ win. After the match Ryback tried to do what he did to Kofi to Bryan but Superman came out and made the save.

Cena vs Axel II: Well 3rd week in a row Axel got a win that does nothing for him. Is it really going to hurt Cena to loose clean to a guy you want to make a star. It makes a new opponent for Cena down the road this is how you build up heels you fucking idiots. Instead we got a countout finish.

Overall: WWE rewrote this show over the weekend when they found out they were going against Game 7 and then Vince made them re-write it on Monday morning. What did we get wet got a bunch of segments with Vince and Steph and some really stupid matches that probably lost alot of viewers to the NBA.

WWE RAW May 27th 2013: Lets Honor Bret Hart On The WWE APP

RAW opened with the annual Memorial Day video saying thanks to the armed forces. They announced a HHH update will be deleivered later on.

John Cena Makes His Return: So Cena came back no selling any injury from the PPV last week. He outright denied the Ambulance Match with Ryback cos why not. He said the match will now be a 3 Stages Of Hell Match. For Reference on a 3 Stages Of Hell match please watch this match https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grMI0-hXwIU I tell you that Ryback/Cena will not even be half as good. Anyway Cena announced that the 1st fall will be a Lumberjack Match, The 2nd will be a Table Match and the 3rd fall if needed which it will is going to be the Ambulance Match. Ryback came out and said he was Satan which was nice to know. He accepted the match and then left.

Cena meets Mr Axel: After that whole thing Heyman came out with Axel who is now Curtis Axel and not Curt. Heyman said he would be a future WWE Champion. Heyman made Cena vs Axel which Cena accepted.

Langston vs Del Rio III: Del Rio won after rolling up Langston. There was no need for this to be on RAW seeing Del RIo beat Langston on Main Event. Also AJ just causes all the men around her to loose matches so shes fucking dumb.

Daniel Bryan meets Bret Hart: Bryan was pacing in front of Kane and Kane was trying to assure Bryan he is not the weak link in the team. Kane told him to pull himself together and Bryan took this as Kane saying he was the weak link. They then argued until Bret Hart showed up. Bret said the same thing as Kane and Bryan called Him the The Best There Was, Is and Ever Will Be.

Kofi vs Ambrose 10: Yeah Ambrose won pretty easily with the headlock DDT. Once again why were these two wrestling again. After Ambrose won Rollins and Reigns came out to celebreate with Ambrose. Kane and Bryan ran out as a commerical went to air. 

The Shield vs Team Hell No: So the match started during the commercial but if you have the WWE you didn’t miss it. Daniel Bryan is so good when he is wrestling these guys he just goes all out and I wish he was feuding with Ambrose for the US title. Reigns hit a knee onto Kane off of the top rope to get the win for the Shield.

Cole tired to sell to us that Bryan worked so hard that he may of cost them the win.

HHH UPDATE: Yeah hes not at RAW but he will be back next week.

WWEACTIVE: Miz as Ref, Commentator or Announcer YOU DECIDE.

WWE ACTIVE RESULTS: MIZREF got 85% of the vote

FANDANGO vs Barrett: FANDANGO won after Miz hit the skull crushing finale to Barrett. So its not even like FANDANGO won the match but rather Miz won the match.

After the match Miz shoved FANDANGO and his dancer onto the floor and counted 3 for whatever reason.

HBK RETURNS and tells Cena not to wrestle cos of what happend to Hunter last week. Oh my dear Shawn this is John Cena he never feels pain unlike that mortal HHH.

Nattie celebrated her birthday and Slater pushed the midget into the cake.

3MB vs Khali and The 2 Fat Fucks. Clay got the win after pinning Slater and who could possibly care. After the match Khali led the singing of Happy Birthday to Nattie.

Highlight Reel with Jericho and Heyman: So Jericho kept asking about Punk and Heyman kept talking about Axel and Lesnar. Heyman said he would have an announcement about Punks return later. Jericho bought up that the next PPV would be in Chicago and Heyman accepted a match between Punk and Jericho.

WWE hates Nattie: So on her birthday they had one of the bellas pin Nattie. The Bellas sang Happy Birthday as Nattie cried fuck I dont blame her.

The Wyatt Family is coming soon!!!

Orton and Sheamus vs Rhodes Scholars: We are Rhodes and Sandow still a team. Well Sheamus pinned Sandow cos WHY THE FUCK NOT.

Orton vs Ambrose was announced for Smackdown. Hello DQ Finish.

Cole plugged Bret Hart Apreciation Night on the WWE APP. Lawler made a joke about his Heart Attack.

Axel vs Cena: Axel won by Countout after the Ambulance showed up and Cena went to look at it. Cena searched for Ryback and he wasn’t in the car but he attacked Cena from behind. Cena got Ryback into the AA but Ryback got out and pushed Cena off of the stage. Cena looked on as Axel celebrated in the ring.

Overall: Meh I guess. Besides them announcing Punks return and the new Main Event for the PPV nothing happened.