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PS4 and DRM

Ever since Sony announced its stance on DRM and use of used games on its PS4 system it has either got a lot of people to go ahead and pre-order the console or have people try make fake facts and try put the PS4 into the same boat as the Xbox One. Essentially what we have with the PS4 is similar to what we have experienced since the 360 and PS3 were released in that all first party titles released by Sony so for example a 4th Uncharted game will have no restrictions on it online if you were to buy it used from Gamestop, EB Games or Online. But Sony have left the door open to 3rd party developers so EA, Activision, Take-Two etc to implement their own form of DRM. So over the last few years we have seen the likes of Online-Passes from EA which makes the user input an online code to access online features for the game. EA announced that it would be phasing out the Online Pass feature and it is unknown whether it will add a new form of lock out to online features such as a fee but Online Passes are gone as Sony banned them from having an effect on their system. So what does this mean for used games well it means what it means now you can buy whatever game used and play offline all you like cos they can’t lockout that for you so yes Jack Trenton was right in that you can play any game on a PS4 with no restrictions or any online check in. The issue comes with 3rd party and their decision to add or not add any form of DRM to their games.


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