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E3 2013 Day One: PS4 just Won

I guess we can sum up E3 Day One as the moment PS4 killed Xbox One. Sony during its conference confirmed they will not have any DRM to authenticate the system or game you are playing. They also confirmed that used games will be able to be played on the system without any extra fees. When Sony announced these it was like they were mocking Microsoft and I bet they were just cos they know this is their big edge in the console war for the 8th generation of gaming.

Unlike the PS3 launch when they over priced their system mainly due to the addition of Blu-Ray rather than just regular DVD. With a $399 USD launch price compared $499 USD for Xbox One only more due to the mandatory shipping with Kinnect. Now 7 years after they launched with Blu-Ray its become more common for use in Home Media.

Overall it looks like Sony is headed back to its former dominance it held with the PS1 and PS2.


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