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WWE RAW May 20th 2013: A New Heyman Guy

THE RYBACK came and talked about the match from the PPV. He said Cena REFUSED to leave in an Ambulance, wow what a trooper he is. Ryback proposed an Ambulance Match at WWE Payback cos yeah we need to suffer through yet another awful Cena Ambulance Match. (See Cena vs Kane Elimination Chamber 2012)

The Reunion of ChrisMiz: The Greatest 3 Week Tag Team of all time got back together to take on their foes. Barrett has a new theme and hes going through them like a dog goes through a bone at this point. Barrett lost cos you know its a shock at this point right. FANDANGO said his name during this and just walked out cos I guess hes to good for this and Jericho pinned Barrett. I remember when the IC champion won matches and rarely lost on RAW.

After the match Miz and Jericho cornered FANDANGO who was dancing in the corner so he ran off. Jericho took the female dancers hand and dipped her for some reason. Jericho then gave her the hand and left.

Vickie came out and announced Swagger vs TBD for later. But this was one of them lame votes for the app. This week its Truth, Khali and Orton. Boy I wonder who will win this battle.

Bryan was backstage and still pissed he lost the tag titles and Kane was trying to console him. They argued and Kofi the ever happening man break it up.

Sheamus vs Titus O’Neil: This was made because Titus was critical of Sheamus on the PPV on Sunday. Titus O’Neil got the advantage after Darren Young got involved but even after that Sheamus still won after hitting white noise.

The New Paul Heyman Guy: Heyman came out and bragged about Brocks victory on the PPV. He then debuted Curt Axel who is his new client. Curt Axel is the former Michael McGuillicutty or Joe Hennig son of Curt Hennig. Axel came out to a modified version of the Mr Perfect music nice wink wink to people. Heyman put over the pedigree and origin of the Curt Axel name. He wondered why this man had no been a main eventer and I can answer this. HE WAS NEVER PUT ON RAW. HHH came out and spoke but Axel cut him off before Hunter told him to shhh. Hunter said Brock didn’t walk away last night but he limped away. Hunter threatned Heyman but Curt got in the way and it was basically to book the main event match. THE FIRST HHH RAW MATCH SINCE 2010.

Langston vs Del Rio: Langston actually won and I was not expecting that.

AJ vs Layla: No one curt as AJ won. Layla has not been over since she came back last year.

CODY WINS: Cody Rhodes won a match even though it was against Ryder he still WON A MATCH. After the match The Ryback came out and killed Ryder with the shellshcok again. So if Ryback wins the belt does that mean hes gonna feud with Ryder.

Shield vs Kofi and Hell No: So basically a giant rematch from the PPV. They give this nearly 30 minutes which is insane on RAW. This was a great match all these guys are really solid workers even Reigns is becoming pretty good. Once again Danielson and the Shield were awesome. Hell he wrestled most of the Shield in ROH. Bryan was mocked during the match for being the weak link in the team.

The Doctor told Hunter he shouldn’t wrestle. Hunter didn’t care what the doctor thought cos hes HHH and hes that damn good.

So we got the continuation of who is stalking Kaitlyin. Cody walked past so Kaitylin stole his phone to check his messages. he hadn’t messaged Kaitlyin and she was glad so she called him Gross.

Another Orton Win: Well Once again I can’t hate this cos Swagger is on Ortons level more or less. They got 20 minutes and in parts Swagger looked like he was gonna win but Mr RKO won.

They announced Kofi vs Ambrose for the US title on Smackdown.

HHH Nearly Dies? Nah he didn’t really die but he sold it like he did. So Hunter and Hennig wrestled for awhile until Hunter started to channel his inner 1995 Shawn Michaels and acted all concussed. The match ended when Hunter passed out and the doctors came out to check on him as the show ended.

Overall: This was a good show. We got 2 long matches that were really great and we had little to no lame Variety/Comedy this week. A good follow up to a decent PPV.


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