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Extreme Rules 2013 Recap: The Shield Rules

WWE hosted its first PPV since Wrestlemania 29 at the Scottrade Center in St Louis on May 19th 2013. The show was very good with several matches being great. The show didn’t hold up to the Extreme Rules show from 2012 with 3 classic Main Event matches. The three main stories coming out the show were The Shield walking out with the Tag Titles and US Title, The No Finish in the WWE title match between Ryback and John Cena and lastly Brock Lesnar beating HHH in the cage match.

Pre Show: The Miz def Cody Rhodes: This was short but back and forth. Miz got the win when he applied the figure four onto Rhodes.  I guess this gives Miz a win on his return but Cody is still lost in the shuffle.

1. Chris Jericho def FANDANGO: Jericho carried the match and really give it his all to make FANDANGO look good in loosing. Jericho got the win after FANDANGO came off the rope and Jericho hit the Codebreaker which was awesome to get the pin.

They had a backstage deal with Sheamus saying that tractor trailers don’t hit back

2. Dean Ambrose def Kofi Kingston: This was ok but they didn’t get enough time to have a better match. It was clear when this was announced that Kofi was loosing the belt and he did. Ambrose won by hitting his headlock DDT after Kofi tried to hit Trouble In Paradise. So our first Shield title win is in the books.

WWE refferenced Sam Muchnick and Lou Thesz throughout the night being that we are in St Louis and its always weird hearing them talk about Muchnick and Thesz cos WWE rarely acknowledges them at all.

4. Sheamus def Mark Henry: This was the return of the strap match and by my count only the 3rd strap match used in WWE. This was like all the rest of the strap matches. They dragged each other around trying to touch each of the four corners. Sheamus hit the Brouge Kick to Henry before touching the 4th corner. This was OK.

They did a deal backstage with Kaitlyin and AJ. Kaitlyin made a Looney Tunes refference and it set AJ off cos shes still sensitive to any word that alludes to her being a nutcase. They had a tussle as The Bellas and Tamina watched on. This really meant nothing at all.

5. Alberto Del Rio def Jack Swagger: This was ok. The main spot being Del Rio locked in the Patiot Act with Ricardo trying to throw in the towel with Del Rio telling him not to. Zeb threw in the towel and Swagger was announced as the winner. A second ref came out to inform the ref of what happened and we got a replay and the match restarted. Del Rio struggled to get up but after a few seconds he locked Swagger in the armbar for the win.

6. The Shield def Team Hell No: FINALLY TEAM HELL NO LOST THE BELTS. I am one of the few people who has never liked Kane and Bryan as a tag team and am so glad they lost the belts. This was a great match considering this was short. Reigns catapaulted Bryan into a double kick by Rollins. Reigns put Bryan into a torture rack and Rollins hit a kneedrop off of the top rope. Reigns got the pin to win the belts.

7 .Randy Orton def Big Show: This was very good and the first match that got any sort of time. Orton got the win which doesn’t annoy me cos I could care less if Big Show looses and Orton going forward is worth more than a 42 year old Big Show. Orton tried all of his main moves. He hit an RKO but Show kicked out, Hit The DDT off of the top rope and Show kicked out, Orton then hit an RKO onto a chair but Show kicked out. Orton then hit the punt to get the win. So the idea was that Orton couldn’t beat Show but did.

8. John Cena draw Ryback: So this was interesting. The match was very good and they did kill each other going around the arena with people going through tables and diving off of railings. But the main thing people will take away from this is both men going through the lighting setup. This reminded me of when Matt Hardy and Edge went through the electrical setup in 2005 on RAW. They played it up huge when they stretchered Cena off and the the fans were pissed chanting This Is Bullshit. I understand why the fans would be pissed cos this is a cheap finish to get out of beating either guy.

9. Brock Lesnar def HHH: This was the best of the 3 matches these two have had. Lesnar won after he hit HHH with the sledgehammer and an F-5. At one point Heyman got in the cage and HHH gave him the pedigree and then one to Brock for a nearfall. This is my choice for match of the night and they did well in protecting Brock going forward. HHH sold the finish well to make Brock seem like a killer and I don’t see what they can do with Hunter now going forward.

Overall as I said this was a good show that really got going about halfway through the show.


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