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Two And A Half Men Just Needs To End Now

Warner Brothers released a press release confirming an 11th season of the sitcom. The reason as to why I am writing this is the news that Angus  T. Jones who plays Jake Harper will now only be a recurring guest throughout the show now and no longer a regular. The press release states he will appear in a few episodes during the 11th season after his character is shipped off to the army. I presume this has to do with the rants Jones did telling people to stop watching the show and this is their answer to remove him from the show ala Charlie Sheen prior to the 9th season in 2011.

Now why would I write a blog about a cast member basically leaving a show. Well ever since Sheen was canned from the show in 2011 I have felt this show has been on life support. Despite it still doing strong numbers in the US its just not as good. Maybe its because Kutcher isn’t great or the show just needs Charlie Sheen or perhaps I just miss Sheen in the lead role and would rather see him than Kutcher. Now with Jones becomig a semi-regular/guest character it is even more clear Two And A Half Men needs to end.When the show first began the two main reasons to watch were either to see Sheen or the kid and now both of them are non factors in the show. Despite how great Jon Cryer is in his role I don’t know if he can continue to carry the show on his own and with the show heading into an 11th season its at the point few sitcoms ever hit. The only shows that come to mind are MASH and Cheers. By the time these shows got over 10 seasons they were just boring and they still did great ratings but does that mean they were as good as they were 7 years earlier or did fans just love the show so much they watched out of habit.

So in the end is this the end of Two And A Half Men. When Sheen left I gave the show one year with Kutcher as the lead and even then I only gave it a few episodes with him in the lead role before ratings dropped and they didn’t and yet here we are with the show heading into it’s 3rd year with Kutcher as the lead. So is Angus T Jone leaving the final nail in the coffin or just a non factor and the show continues for another 3 years without one of the original leads.

In the end either this show will just continue or CBS decides enough is enough and then they can fully focus their attention on whoring out The Big Bang Theory.


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