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The Lakers Horror Show Is Over

Sunday saw the end of the Lakers awful season. A year that should of seen the Lakers contend with the Thunder and Spurs at the top of the west saw the Lakers battle all season to make the 8th seed and eventually finish 7th. A year that also saw Kobe Bryant carry the team to wins at the age of 34 and 17 years of games on his legs. A year which Meta World Peace claimed the team would got 73-9 and outdo the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls 72-10 record.

Yet they played shit defense. struggled on offense and couldn’t function as a unit. They had injuries to both Steve Nash and Pau Gasol throghout the year and not to mention Kobe tearing his Achillies right at the end of the season and ruling him out of the playoffs and much of the next year. So were do we go from here. Does Dwight re-sign long term and they build around him, Does Pau Get Traded, Will D’Antoni be coach, Will Phil Come Back. Honestly who knows at this point.


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