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RAW April 22 2013: RAW Is London

RAW opened with Paul Heyman in the ring with his Iphone. Heyman read a message from HHH saying he would accept the challenge next week. Heyman called him a coward which of course led to HHH coming out. He gave Heyman the pedigree and then accepted the match.
WWE Really Hates Antonio Cesaro: When your loosing to R-Truth week in and out they must really hate you. If he was loosing to R-Truth 2011 then sure it makes sense but fuck this is beyond a joke now.
The two fat fucks and their two whore dancers came out. Somone explain why Tensai till has the writing on his face when hes essentially back to the hip-hop hippo gimmick from 2002.
Sandow WINS: Damien Sandown thankfully won this match or I would be even more pissed off. The fans did some FANDANGOING during this match.
Fun With Team Ziggler: They showed Dolph winning the belt again. AJ and Dolph made fun of Kaitlyn for some reason. Team Brickie made a cameo so Vickie told Dolph he will be facing Chris Jericho again. I love Jericho and Dolph but fuck im really sick of them having matches together now. Basically if Jericho won he would be put into the 3 way match at the PPV making it a FOUR WAY.
They showed Punks promo from a week ago. Michael Cole put it over that no one had seen Punk in over a week. For the record Punk was at UFC On FOX this past weekend with Lita.
The Shield Still Rule: Shield cut a promo on the Undertaker building up the main event.
Jericho vs Ziggler 999,999,999: Ziggler won after the Zig-Zag. Yes Dolph won after hitting his finisher and getting a pin with no BS from AJ or Langston. The FANDANGO music played yet he didn’t come out so the crowd sang his song.
Mick Foley hates The Ryback: So Josh was asking Foley whats changed in WWE since the Attitude Era and hell I can name a lot of things that have changed. Basically Foley went on about how men don’t want to blame themselves.
Poor Cody Rhodes: Yeah Cody who this time a year ago with the IC champion is now loosing to TENSAI on RAW.
I Still Fucking Hate Team Hell NO: So Kane and Bryan were waiting for Undertaker to arrive which im sure he was already in the arena. Kane told Bryan not to hug Undertaker. Bryan told Kane to call Taker only for Kane to inform us that Taker doesn’t have a cell phone. I really want to see Undertaker walking around on an iPhone using TOUT. Shield then laid out Kane and Bryan who STILL ARE TAG CHAMPIONS.
The Ryback called out one Mick Foley.
No Wonder Zak Ryder Hates His Job: Ryder lost yet again to Langston. I could care less if Ryder is loosing matches.
THE UNDERTAKER IS WRESTLING ON RAW: For the first time I think since 2009. When Taker was put into this match I was thinking they may beat the Shield just cos its so rare when Taker wrestles outside of WrestleMania these days. But amazingly they had the Shield win. I would be happy if Taker got the pin as well but Shield is being booked so well.
John Cena tried to talk Foley out of his heart to heart with The Ryback.
WILLIAM REGAL IS BACK Oh and Here Is FANDANGO: Yes after so long. FANDANGO came out and the fans sang the song. Then REGAL made his return to RAW and the fans stopped singing when the sight of Regal made his entrance. FANDANGO won. This whole segment was so great just everything about it was fun.
Jericho beat up FANDANGO and then stalked the new dancer. Jericho asked her to dance and she agreed so they danced as the crowd continued to FANDANGO.
OH God AJ Won A Match: AJ won a divas battle royal which was awful. AJ did nothing in this match and won to get a diva title shot against KAITLYN of all people.
The Foley And The Ryback Have A Heart To Heart: Foley had a steel chair which was given to him by Cena. Foley asked where the 2012 Ryback had gone the man who wanted more and begged for nothing. Yeah I want that guy back just so I can see Stan Stansky. Basically Foley is sad Ryback is a whiner now and not this great man that he was a year ago.
Ryback actually said “Super Cena” so hes just playing to hardcores now. Cena rushed out after Foley and Ryback had a face off. Foley left so Cena and Ryback could do their shit. The Shield came out and Cena left the ring leaving Ryback alone. Ryback waited for a fight and then Cena came back in with his chair and cleaned house. Cena dropped his chair and then gave the AA to Ryback as the show ended.
Thoughts: This show was a lot better than last week. Maybe last week was weak cos that crowd could not care less. But this week we had a good crowd and some really fun segments on this weeks show.

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