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WWE 2K14 Wishlist

ImageAs many know by now THQ who owned the license to produce WWE video games went out of business and their assets were sold off. WWE got picked up by Take Two Interactive for the games to be produced under the 2K Sports Banner best known for its annual NBA 2K series. With this is in mind here is what I hope 2K adds to the game which had been quite mediocre the last few years despite all the hype of new features from THQ since the rebranding to the WWE title format with WWE 12.

1. Better AI: The AI in the THQ games is shit and its to easy to win matches. The AI will have a finisher stored and then never use it. I want to AI to be smart and actually act like the wrestler in facing. So If im facing Rock I want him to act like the Rock and not some random thing acting all weird. Basically make the game realistic so a match feels like a wrestling match and not like a squash win for me all the time. The addition Quick, Normal and Epic match settings are a nice touch but if I can just own my opponent in every match the game is no damn fun and I don’t want to play it then which is my issue with WWE 13.

2. Graphics: Im no graphic whore but NBA 2K13 looked fucking great for a late gen release and they need to give WWE graphics along them lines. THQ graphics always looked poor in comparisson to other sport titles. I felt the UFC games looked 10 times better than the WWE series.

3. MyCareer: Staple of 2K Sports is My Player/Carer and I want to have something along the lines of this in WWE. Create a wrestler and take him NXT up to the main roster working your way up to the WWE title an main event status. Have realistic moves in terms of the card. I shouldn’t be seeing Santino moving up to the WWE title picutre during a carer.

4. Universe: Make this a form of GM mode with aspects of Assoctiation Mode from NBA 2K. Let us have full control and not to be hindered by the CPU needing to make matches that set up feuds. If the idea is we are in charge than we should be able to make our own god damn feuds and have to wait for the CPU to do it for us. Also dynamic updates so we can have new attires and any physical changes to make it look up to date. WWE game are always out of date upon release and its BS. 2K does well keeping NBA 2K updated with roster changes and gear updates and WWE should be the same.

5. WWE Today: Same as NBA today with updated commentary based off of real life events as you play each weeks show cards similar to NBA today playing the days NBA games. For instance if you play the weekly RAW card you get commentary that has to do with that week or referencing feuds going on in WWE. With NBA 2K13 and the use of NBA Today you hear commentary that has to do with real NBA and what is going on in the current season.

6. 2K Share: Fuck Community Creations off and having to have Xbox Live Gold to use it. 2K Share is awesome and WWE would really benefit from this with the ability to make wrestlers, arenas and hell even custom rosters for specific eras for Universe Mode.

7. Announcing: NBA 2K with Kevin Harlan, Clark Kellog and Steve Kerr feels authentic and not just the same shitty lines used over and over. They talk about whats going on in your season and carer. WWE games have the same 15 lines rehashed every year and its really fucking old. Have new anounce teams and make it feel dynamic like it is on TV.



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