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RAW April 8th 2013: The Greatest Crowd Of All Time, 2 Title Changes and A Heel Turn

First off I just wanna say what a show that was on Monday night. Im usually very down on RAW just cos the show drags on with the 3 hours and most of the time I just don’t care for most of the stuff WWE does. But Monday was so fun to watch that I highly recommend any wrestling fan to watch this show it was that good.

Opening: RAW opened with pictures recapping the action from Wrestlemania. This bought me back to the late 90s when WWF would do this after a PPV. Something about images with epic music is better than just showing clips. Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL will be providing us with commentary tonight.

The CHAMP IS BACK: Cena came out with another new shirt. I swear he just debuted that yellow one a few weeks back but its nice to see Cena in white again. So Cena did one of his typical promos about Mania but then he stopped and said hes known the crowd for 10 years. He said hes feeling good tonight while most of these fans are booing him. Cena said he may do a championship dance tonight and he teased doing some dancing and well the crowd hated it. Cena actually said a heel turn and turned his heel. I guess this is a Wink Wink moment for all the ICW fans who said Cena was turning at Mania. So Cena said The CHAMP IS HERE and the crowd chanted Same Ol Shit.

Mark Henry made his way out. Henry started off by said whats up to Cena which was nice. We got a sexual chocolate chant. Cena said the crowd wanted to have sex with chocolate. So Cena offered Henry a title match but Booker T came out and said Cena can’t be booking title matches. First off shouldn’t Vickie be making matches for RAW not Booker. Im not going to get into the hierarchy of GMs in WWE. Booker said Rock is entitled to a re-match so he basically made a match were if Henry won he would get a future title shot. Also we got a bullshit chant when Booker said Rock was not at the arena cos he was injured.

Big E Langston Big Raw Debut: Unlike FANDANGO, Big E didn’t get to make his singles match debut at Mania. Much luck for Langston cos he gets to face Daniel Bryan. Langston just overpowered Bryan with Bryan using his speed to get out of holds. Langston got his first win with The Big Ending.

Backstage: Josh Matthews was with NFL legend Kurt Warner who is plugging his new reality show “The Moment” which just happens to be on the USA Network like RAW.

Intercontinental Championship: Wade Barrett gets his re-match against the Miz. For whatever reason Barrett won the belt back. This makes no sense to me at all. They beat Barrett on a pre-show so the face could win the title. Then 24 hours later they reverse it like nothing happened. This just baffled me.

Backstage: Sheamus went into see Vickie and Maddox. He basically wanted a match with Big Show. Vickie gave Sheamus his match.

Backstage Again: This time Orton walks into Booker. Orton congratulates Booker on his HOF induction and admires his ring. Orton asked Booker a favor and what a coincidence he wanted a match with Big Show to and what do you know he got his wish.

Swagger and Zeb vs Del Rio: Del Rio beat Swagger again with the armbreaker. It would of made sense for what happens next for Swagger to beat Del Rio with the ankle lock and keep in the hold for a long time sorta like Angle and Michaels from Mania 21. I don’t know I guess Del Rio can’t loose to an American or something.

So the medics and Ricardo come out to check on Del Rio but then “IM HERE TO SHOW THE WORLD’ yes the MEME finally came to life.

Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del RIo: Ziggler won the World Heavyweight Championship with the Zig-Zag. Now everyone can calm down about Ziggler getting fucked around cos he has the belt now. The crowd loved this.

So Ziggler, Langston and AJ celebrated backstage

The Undertaker came out with all the lights off and stuff. He said he tributed his win to Paul Bearer which was pretty obvious if you saw the end of the match. The Sheild appeared in the crowd and their music hit. They got to the ring and beat down Taker until the Kane pyro went off and out comes Kane with Daniel Bryan to help run the Shield off. Man WWE is booking the Shield so well these guys will be legit stars by the end of the year.

Backstage: Josh was with Ziggler and his posse. Ziggler said hes been too damn good for too long and the crowd cheered. He then said it maybe the day after WrestleMania bu this is his WrestleMania moment. ZIggler said hes gonna shine his title up cos its been too long.

Piss Break Match #1: Santino, Truth and Ryder vs 3MB: Yeah the geeks lost to some other geeks not one damn was given. 3MB are the bottom feeder geeks while Santino, Truth and Ryder are guys who are over but are geeks.

Video highlights on Mania week with its impact on New York and New Jersey

They aired a video from the WrestleMania post show with Big Show saying hes all for himself. Wasn’t he all for himself for most of 2012 until he decided he wanted to fight the Shield.

So Sheamus and Orton were backstage arguing who should have the match with Big Show. Sheamus walked out the room. So they were both in the ring and this lead to a vote on the WWE APP which I still don’t have to determine who would face Big Show. Orton won in a landslide getting 77% of the vote. So the vote was pointless cos Booker and Vickie decided to book Orton vs Sheamus so that was a waste of time,

Orton vs Sheamus. The fans did not care about this match cos I guess these are two guys WWE shoves down the fans throats. The fans had more fan chanted RVD and JBL. This match was made even more pointless when Show came out and beat both of them up again. So what was the point of this thing I honestly have no idea. But the highlight was a Randy Savage chant. At the end we got a Thank You Big Show chant cos he ended this BS.

FANDANGO vs Kofi: My god is Kofi Kingston just stuck in the mid-card I mean this guy just does nothing. Fandango got the DQ win after Jericho got involved. Jericho was playing to this crowd and the first guy to do so. Chris Jericho is so great. The crowd then hummed the FANDANGO music and this crowd was dancing to it as well. Much like the YES chants last year with Bryan I think this segment with Humming and dancing just made FANDANGO.

PAUL HEYMAN: Josh was with Heyman and he is disappointed about last night. I would be too if both my guys lost matches. Paul trashed Jersey and this crowd still cheered him. God I love this crowd.

That Match That Got Bumped Off OF Mania: Yeah so there was a match that was not on Mania last night. The Two Fat Fucks and Their Two Dancing Whores won in a match no one cared for. This crowd was having to much fun dancing to the FANDANGO theme.

Mark Henry vs Cena: The Crowd was still dancing to FANDANGO. The match ended in count out when Cena beat the 10 count.

Henry attacked Cena with the belt after the match. Ryback ran out and gave Henry a spine buster. Ryback went to offer his hand to Cena and Cena being the guy he is accepted. Well Ryback turned on Cena and attacked him. This crowd loved Ryback going after Cena an it was one of the biggest pops he has gotten since his major push last Summer.

Thoughts. This RAW was so good. The in ring action was ok but this crowd made this show so good. Its like the One Night Stand Shows the action wasn’t great but the crowds made the shows what they are. As I said earlier go check this show out cos it was so good.


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