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MSN Messenger and Myspace relics of Social Media

I was talking with a friend of mine on Facebook about MSN and Myspace. Why did this come to my mind well I saw that today Skype officially takes control of MSN Messenger and it got me thinking how Messenger is just obsolete in 2013 and that bought up Mysapce. I remember in the mid to late 00s these were the kings of social networking online. I know we had a Facebook and Twitter but they didn’t really come to their dominance until 2009. I remember when I was in high school (2006-2009) everyone had a Myspace and MSN Messenger account. Hell even some of the teachers at my school had Myspace which is just weird but yet amusing

Windows Live Messenger: When I got into Messenger it had made the jump to the Live Messenger era and added all its cool features and whatnot. Basically to use Messenger you had to have hotmail and friends to have hotmail to add them to you contact list so you could talk with them. The cool thing was that you could send files, play games and even do video chat which I guess was kind of a novelty 6 years ago but now with Skype its just something general. I also recall all the really dumb screen names people would come up with which would usually be some BS with emoticons and all their friends names. I think I just really miss the 10 conversations at once with people and having to manage all 10. Now with Facebook it just feels so boring but with MSN something about it was fun or maybe that is just nostalgia of my early teens talking and having memories of talking with certain people. I don’t know what happened to Messenger but people just started to bail on it and I guess they all went to Facebook cos it had a built in Messenger feature and they thought it was easier or something.


Myspace: Something that really died when Facebook caught on in 2008 and 2009. Myspace was the first “it” thing in social media. Everyone had a Mysapce page and the thing that makes it so much better than facebook was the ammount of customaization you could do to a page. The ability to add custom backgrounds and images to your page just set it apart from the generic Facebook profile. Myspace suffered for its use of ads so everyone went to Facebook and Myspace just became a thing of nostalgia for the mid 00s. I think something else that made Myspace great was adding Celebrity pages as friends. I now we can like pages but the concept of adding someone like MetallicA as a friend was just exciting and even though they accepted everyone it was just fun knowing they were on your friend list and not just a like list. I could continue to go on with stuff like Music, Video, Groups, Comments and stuff like that but I just wanted to reflect on the first major site in social media. .


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