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ImageRaw began with Punk and Heyman coming out. Punk and Heyman tossed the urn around. I love how WWE has gone back to feuds from 1995 with Undertaker loosing his urn I mean really. Punk said he didn’t take the urn to disrespect Paul Bearer cos WWE needed to make it known they aren’t doing that. But Punk took it cos it meant everything to Undertaker. I believe Taker hasn’t used this urn for quite sometime so why would he care in 2013. Punk said the urn meant nothing to him so he dropped it and the crowd booed this. Punk said Undertaker would be 20-1 at Mania and the streak would Rest In Peace. The Gong hit and the arena went dark and when the lights came back on Undertaker was beating up CM Punk. Heyman took the urn and after a little while Punk escape and the two ran away as Taker stood tall in the ring. This feud which should of been great has just been poor

FANDANGO: So FANDANGO came out to make his debut again. How many times has it been now. Jericho ran out and attacked him. FANDANGO ran away yelling to Jericho SAY MY NAME. Once again no FANDANGO debut. Its obvious hes debuting at Mania.

Another Jericho/Ziggler Match: I swear they did this match the night after the Rumble but this doesn’t matter to WWE. So Ziggler built up some wins against a gut bellow him in the pecking order and now looses to a guy above him. I mean the match was good but it makes no sense to beat Ziggler again to Jericho who is in a nothing match at Mania. After the match Langston attacked Jericho yelling Its Over For You.

FANDANGO RETURNS: So after that FANDANGO came back out and attacked Jericho. Once again FANDANGO yelled Say My Name again. I can see that Say My Name on a t-shirt outselling Austin 3:16. Fandango hit a leg drop off the top rope onto Jericho.

Random Backstage Interview: So after FANDANGO yelling for quite sometime Josh Matthews was with Sheamus when The Shield attacked him. Orton tried to make the save but got his ass kicked also. Big Show then came in and he got rid of the Shield.

Jimmy Usos Punishment: Well The Usos who amazingly still have jobs after 3 years faced Mark Henry in a 2 on 1 match. Henry killed them. That will teach you to get a DUI while in WWE.

WWE APP: I still don’t have the app btw. Vickie booked Ryback in a 3 on 1 handicap against 3MB. I have honestly seen this match 10 times.

CESARO WINS, CESARO WINS: Yes Antonio Cesaro has finally won a match again. He won by count out cos they can’t beat Del RIo now even though he was getting beat a lot last year but still Cesaro Won. Swagger came out and beat on Ricardo. Del RIo saw this and went after Swaggerthus our Count out win. After the match Del RIo beat up Cesaro for whatever reason.

Team Hell No vs PTP: Speaking of matches done to death. How many times have these teams wrestled. Hell No won which is no shock. Ziggler, Langston and AJ looked on from the ramp.

HHH Rambles: SO HHH came to ramble about Lesnar. He went on about how if he looses then he must retire. He said that every match hes wrestled his carer has depended on it so yeah this match doesn’t matter to him at all Way to kill the stip Hunter. Hunter than said that Brock should show up with his carer on the line cos apparently according to H it is. HHH Is coming to kick Brocks ass. HHH made his way up the ramp as Barrett made his entrance. They had a stare down and Hunter kicked him in the balls for whatever reason.

Barrett vs Miz: So Miz win with the Figure Four. I guess Wade would of won if Hunter hadn’t been a dick and kicked him in the balls. So that was that.

People Can’t Get Over AJ: Bryan and Kane talked about how neither of them had gotten over AJ. Kaitlyn walked in. Kaitlyn told them to just move on which would be best for all. So AJ entered the room without anyone knowing. Kaitlyn said shes a new AJ well I hadn’t noticed cos she acts like old AJ. Kaitlyn called AJ insane and I guess shes still sensitive to people calling her crazy so they brawled. I have a bad feeling AJ is beating her for the divas title.

The Shield vs JOB Squad: So the Shield beat Ryder, Khali and JUSTIN GABRIEL. Shield hit the triple Power Bomb on Khali.

So Sheamus, Orton and Big Show came out. The faces beat down the Shield.

Jericho met with Vickie and announced he would wrestle FANDANGO at Mania.

Rhodes Schollars are Back Together: So WWE realized how dumb it was to break Cody and Sandow up so they are a team again. Here they squashed the Two Fat Fucks. The Bellas came out and brawled with the 2 dancing whores. I guess this sets up the 8 person tag at Mania which is going to be awful.

Ryback vs 3MB: So Ryback squashed the geeks that is all.

Friday on Smackdown Ryroids vs Legit Weight Lifter Mark Henry in a weight lifting contest.

AJ vs Kaitlyn: Tennage boys rejoice your hero AJ Lee is wrestling. AJ and Kaitlyn brawled around the ring. AJ won by countout.

Debate; Yes RAW was headlined by a debate between Rock and Cena. Lawler hosted it while Bret Hart, Booker T, Dusty Rhodes and Mick Foley were moderators.

Mick Foley: Foley was first. He started off by saying that a weight had been lifted off his shoulders when Rock beat Cena last year cos he didn’t have to feel responsible for Rock loosing his last WWE match. So Foley aked Cena if he could live with himself if he lost to Rock twice. Cena compared himself to Donnovan McNab who was QB for the Phillidelphia Eagles. Cena said McNab never won the big one and is remembred as a looser. Cena will win the big one for the WWE Universe just like the other 13 times hes won it.

The Rock replied to this. Rock talked about his first WWE run being a flop and that he fought and fought until he became WWE Champion. Rock basically said he had experianced failure but never quit which is basically what Cenas character is all about.

Bret Hart: Bret asked what had changed between them from last year to this year. Rock siad he respected Cena cos he didn’t bitch when he lost last year. Cena said he called Rock out for not loving the business and not coming back. Now he realizes that Rock loves the business. Ironic that Rock was around more last year and Cena called him out for it as opposed to this year.

Booker T: Booker was replacing Ric Flair who was sent home due to a blood clot. Booker ask Cena why he thinks he can beat Rock. Cena said cos he has to. Rock made fun of Cena cos of his answer. They had a long back and forth between the two. I dont really wanna in depth cos this was really long.

Dusty: Dusty said that Mania is not about redemption but wins and losses. Dusty asked what they wanted on April 7th. Cena wanted to win the big one again for the 14th TIME. Rock wanted to prove Cena wrong and stood up. Cena did the you can see me. Cena went for the AA but Rock hit the Rock Bottom to end the show.

Overall; Dull show which did a good job for Cena/Rock albeit the segment being way to long .


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