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Goldfinger 1964


Goldfinger Film Poster

  The Bond franchise begins to hit its peak with the release of the third film. Based off of the 9th novel by Ian Fleming released in 1959. This time around 007 tires to stop Auric Goldfinger from attacking the US Gold Despoistry At Fort Knox. Following the success of Dr No and From Russia With Love, Goldfinger is considered the first of the Bond Blockbusters.

The Plot: The film starts off with a mini Bond adventure. Bond blows up a drug lab in Latin America and is then sent to Miami. While in Miami Bond meets up with Felix Leiter this time played by Cec Linder who informs Bond that M wants Bond to observe Auiric Goldfinger played by Gert Frobe whom is staying at the same hotel as Bond. Bond goes to Goldfingers room and distracts Goldfingers employee Jill Masterson played by Shirley Eaton who helps Goldfinger cheat at cards. Bond informs Goldfinger to start loosing.


Bond Finds Jill Masterson Covered In Gold Paint

Bond and Masterson spend the night together. While getting champeange Bond is knocked out by a man in a bowler hat. Bond awakens to find Masterson covered in gold paint. The image of Eaton in the gold paint becomes one of the many iconic images of the film. Bond reuturns to  London and informs M that she died of skin suffercation. M once again portayed by Bernard Lee, M gives Bond his mission to find out  how Goldfinger smuggles Gold. Bond then meets with Q who gives Bond his new car. The Aston Martin DB5. The DB5 has since become one of the most famous cars in the world and arguably the most famous Bond gadget.

Bond meets with Goldfinger at a golf club. Bond uses a nazi gold bar at stake in the game. Bond wins after finding out about Goldfingers ball tampering during the game. Following their game Goldfinger flies to Switzerland in which Bond Follows Goldfinger with a radar device in the DB5. While following Goldfinger an attempt on Goldfinger is made by the sister of Jill Masterson.

Bond travels to Goldfingers factory to snoop around. Bond finds Goldfinger talking with a Chinese Red Agent Mr Ling, About Operation Grand Slam. While leaving Bond encounters Tilly once again who is trying to kill Goldfinger again. Bond and Tilly make an escape in Bonds car. Bond stops the car and puts up the bullet shield and begins to gun down the guards as Tilly makes an escape. OddJob the mysterious man from Miami throws his bowler hat which has a blade under the rim and kills Tilly.


No Mr Bond I Expect You To Die

Bond is caught by Goldfingers men and is taken back to Goldfingers factory. Bond makes a break for it using the cars ejector seat to get rid of one of Goldfingers men. Now ensues a chase around the yards of Goldfingers factory. Bond sees a car coming toward him so he crashes his car through a wall. Once conscious again Bond finds himself strapped to a table. Goldfinger uses Bond to try out his laser. Goldfinger leaves Bond to die as Bond tries to talk his way out death. We get the classic “Do You Expect Me To Talk” “No Mr Bond I Expect You To Die” lines from Bond and Goldfinger. As the laser rappidly approaches Bond he mentions Operation Grand Slam which he claims he knows knowlege of. The laser is stoped and Bond is shot with a tranqulizer.

Bond awakes on Goldfingers private jet. Bond meets with Goldfingers personal pilot Pussy Galore played by Honor Blackman. They land in Kentcky the site of Goldfingers horse ranch. Bond is taken to the ranch and held in a cell underneath the ranch. Felix Leiter and a partner of his keep watch of the ranch. Goldfinger conducts a meeting with a number of gangsters who he owes money. Goldfinger begins to talk about his plan. Bond escapes from his cell after distracting and then kocking out the lone guard. Bond hides underneath a model of Fort Knox Goldfinger is using and eavesdrops the details of the plan. Bond is caught by Pussy Galore and put back in his cell.

Bond is then summoned to meet with Goldfinger. Bond begins to put together Goldfingers plan of blowing up Fort Knox to not steal Gold but to increase the value of his own gold. After Bonds meeting with Goldfinger he then gets to play around with his Bond girl.

Goldfingers plan is put to action with a nerve gas being sprayed across the Fort Knox barracks to know out the armed forces. Goldfingers men us the laser from earlier to get into Fort Knox. The Bomb is placed with all the gold as the Armed Forces awake after only being knocked out for a short time. A fire fight breaks out between Goldfingers men and the US Armed Forces.

1964 Goldfinger 30 [Bond vs. Oddjob]

Bond Struggles against Oddjob


Bond Electrocutes Oddjob

Bond is left in the vault with Oddjob which leads to another classic Bond vs Henchman fight. Everything Bond does doesn’t effect this guy and he just brushes it off. Bond avioids Oddjobs hat and then he tries to use it on Oddjob. The hat misses and gets stuck in between some metal bars. As Oddjob goes to retirve it Bond uses a cut electrical wire to electricute Oddjob. Bond now tries to disarm the bomb and time is running out fast. Bond is down to a few seconds when a CIA agent just flicks the switch which is anti climatic.

Bond is set to meet the President for his heroics I guess. We see that the flight crew has been tied up and once on the plane Goldfinger returns. Bond and Goldfinger have a scuffle and Goldfingers gun goes off hitting a window. Goldfinger is sucked out of a window due to the air compression in the plane. Bond makes his way to the cockpit where he tries to assit Pussy is landing the plane. Bond and Pussy escape and land on an island as they are being searched for they begin to do the Bond tradition and make out as the film ends.

Thoughts: Goldfinger is one of the quintessential Bond films. The series really began to take off when Goldfinger was released in 64. As I mentioned earlier the film contains a lot of classic Bond moments. The DB5 might be the best Bond gadget ever and is easily the best car used in the series. The scene with Bond being tortured with the laser has become iconic in itself. Many have parodied this scene and makred the first use of a laser on film.

The film really did become the first “Bond Blokbuster”. Every following Bond film tried to replicare the Goldfinger formula as its basis. The series began to hit its stride after Goldfinger something which carried into Thunderball the following year. From 64 to 65 it really was the James Bond show and no one came close to topping it.

Verdict: A must see for any Bond fan or any action movie fan. A true classic that is up their with the best of them

The Cast

Sean Connery as James Bond

Gert Frobe as Auric Goldfinger

Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore

Shirley Eaton as Jill Masterson

Harold Sakata as Oddjob

Cec Linder as Felix Leiter

Bernard Lee as M

Lois Maxwell as Miss Monneypenny

Desmond Llywellyn as Q

The Crew

Directed by Guy HamiltonProduced by Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman


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