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James Bond Film Review Series: Introduction


All 6 Men To Portray James Bond
left to right: Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig

Having recently celebrated 50 years of films in 2012 the James Bond franchise is the longest running and as of this writing the second most successful film series of all time (Harry Potter is first). 6 men have potrayed Bond over 50 years and 22 films each fan having their personal favorite. This series will go through all the EON produced films so no Casino Royale 1967 and Never Say Never Again in this series seeing that I would be reviewing the same film twice in both cases.

My introduction to Bond came when I was 8 in 2001. I saw The World Is Not Enough on VHS and became hooked. The next thing that really got me into Bond was the Goldeneye video game for the Nintendo 64 which me and my friends played for hours before the days of Xbox Live and Online Gaming. Since then I have seen all 22 Films in the EON series and have favorite films and ones I think are ok and then ones that are awful. This is my take on the James Bond franchise from Dr. No in 1962 through to Skyfall in 2012. 50 Years of James Bond 007


2 responses to “James Bond Film Review Series: Introduction

  1. musicMagpie ⋅

    Cool blog – consider yourself followed! Had no idea that Harry Potter was the most successful film franchise of all time, pretty impressive when you consider the amount of Potter films compared to Bond ones – agree with you about the Goldeneye game too, absolute classic!

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